Weston bus routes face cuts

All but one of the bus routes that serve Weston will be cut, if the proposed service changes to the TTC go ahead. The cuts come even as the TTC faces increased ridership and increased fares, but they have been required by the Ford administration at City Hall, which has asked all city departments to reduce budgets by 10%.

The only bus route to not get trimmed is the 59 Maple Leaf. It faced and escaped a cut earlier this year, so it is a bit odd that it was not cut this time around. All the other routes serving Weston got something on the order of a 7% service reduction during some hours.

One fewer bus will serve the 52 Lawrence West route, which will come every 7 minutes and 30 seconds instead of every 7 minutes during the midday from Monday to Friday. Two buses will be cut from the airport service on the 52 Malton, which will now come every 7 minutes and 30 seconds, instead of every 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Three buses will be cut from the 35 Jane street morning route. It will come every 3’03” instead of every 2’52” during morning rush hour—a small change, but one that amounts to a 6% cut. In the afternoon rush, 4 buses will be cut, and it will run even less frequently: every 3’34” instead of every 3’10”.

The 89 Weston bus will now come every 7 minutes and 40 seconds, instead of every 7 minutes during the afternoon rush home. One bus will be cut during those hours.

The TTC will decide next month whether it will raise fares by 10¢.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Weston bus routes face cuts”

  1. I don’t’ think you can cut Maple Leaf route any further unless to completely cut it off. During the day it runs every half hour and rush hours every 20 min. Now that Lawrence and Malton is completely screwed up. I used worked at Yonge&Sheppard and took the 52.. at times I waited at least 30 mins. even during the afternoons. Eventually I got a car ride to subway cause I couldn’t take it anymore. But something is completely wrong TTC both union, management, politicians are at fault and I don’t’ know if the TTC could ever be fixed to towards everybody’s satisfaction.

  2. Another thing I like to add is why is Maple Leaf bus running on Christmas Day? I was walking last year on that day I saw bus it was completely empty?! I understand having service on weekends when stores and malls are open but what a waste to have it running on this day!

  3. It runs on Christmas because of the hospital.

    The hospital is the reason that the Maple Leaf wasn’t cut more than it was.

  4. mel, i’ve been on the 89 weston many times when it was empty. just seeing an empty bus at a particular point in time in a specific location isn’t a good indicator of ridership. time of day, weather conditions, the part of the route, etc. all have an effect on ridership.

    who is to say that empty bus didn’t pick up some riders further down the route?

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