Weston bus threatened for no reason

The TTC made a mathematical mistake when it put the 59 Maple Leaf weekend route on the chopping block, according to the influential transit pundit Steve Munro.

To meet the demands of Rob Ford’s new budget, the TTC wanted to increase fares and decrease service. Tokens were to go up 10¢, and nighttime and weekend routes were to be trimmed. The only bus that runs through Weston, the 59 Maple Leaf, was to lose service after 10 pm on weeknights and 7 pm on weekends.

But now it seems that the Maple Leaf weekend bus should never have been on the list.  Munro says:

59 Maple Leaf: Weekday late evening service carries 14.3 boardings/hour,  not 9.5 as stated by the TTC.  The calculation appears to have been done as if there were 3 buses on the route, not 2.  Saturday early evening service carries 16.5 boardings/hour while Sunday early evening service carries 27.0!  Neither of these meets the criterion for a service cut. [My emphasis]

The TTC’s criterion for a cut is 15 riders per hour. The weekday service, then, is very close to being saved, and the weekend service should not have been considered.

Steve Munro is a very influential and very knowledgeable transit blogger and pundit who is regularly quoted in major media. He says of the report:

The TTC’s analysis shows the hallmarks of something pulled together quickly as a way to satisfy a demand for cuts without taking care to look at what is happening or to validate the accuracy of the calculations.

The TTC has backed down on its plans to cut service and raise fares—for now. According to Munro, they’re likely taking a pause in the name of propriety.

Proposed Service cuts on “under performing” TTC routes have been put off for a few weeks while politicians cover their butts, “consult” their constituents, and then reluctantly approve management proposals.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Wow! A whopper of a mathematical error this is, and one that needs to be corrected.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of lots of things, and thanks for your vigilance on behalf of your neighbours!

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