Weston butcher shop given conditional pass in health inspection

Weston-area butcher shop Lauri Meat Market was given only a conditional pass after its health inspection on June 1.

Lauri Meat Market is at 1696 Jane St, in the plaza north of Lawrence.

Inspectors found many significant infractions:

  • A failure to provide hand washing supplies
  • A failure to provide food sanitation supplies
  • No washroom supplies
  • Improper removal of waste

There were also “minor” infractions: not washing surfaces and not providing the proper equipment for washing or sanitizing surfaces and equipment.

Lauri Meat Market has passed two previous inspections. Because it was given a conditional pass, it will have been reinspected by now. The results of that inspection have not yet been posted.

Lauri meat market
Lauri Meat Market

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.