Weston CI earns D-

Weston Collegiate, the secondary school in Weston, did not do well in the latest round of school rankings.

The Grade 9 students at Weston CI were asked to do a mathematics test and a literacy test earlier this year. The results are discouraging.

In math, Weston CI students continue to perform worse than their peers at the city and provincial levels. 23% of CI applied math students met the provincial standard. While this is a dramatic improvement over last year’s number (13%), our students still performed much worse than their counterparts in the province (42%) and board (30%).

Academic math students were also bested. 71% of Weston’s students met the standard. 83% of the province did, as did 81% of the board.

This is the fifth straight year that Weston CI students have not measured up. Not once, in fact, have Weston students in either the academic or applied streams performed as well in mathematics as their peers.

Weston CI’s literacy results were only slightly better. This year, 74% of students met the provincial literacy standard. The board (81%) and the province (83%) still did better.

Once, however, in April of 2009, some Weston students did as well as some of their peers. In 2009, 75% of male CI grade 9 students met the provincial standards. Only 70% of the board did—though the province as a whole still pipped CI by a single point.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Weston CI earns D-”

  1. this is a complex issue. teachers, parents, classmates, friends, living conditions, environment, the past, etc. are all contributing factors.

    if you have crappy teachers, parents who don’t care, classmates that make your learning environment difficult, friends who are a negative influence, a home that is in disharmony, exposed to such contaminates such as lead, learn and live an an environment that is physically & psychologically uncomfortable, it will be hard for you to succeed.

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