Weston collegiate’s multi cultural night

May 25th 2016 marked Weston Colligate Institutes 11th annual Multi Cultural night. The night was jam packed with exciting events, delicious food and an amazing talent show. All volunteers at the event were dressed in cultural attire, and many hosted the games that were being played around the crowed cafeteria.

At 6:00pm guests started flooding, dressed in cultural attire, and seemed to run around the cafeteria to participate in all the different events. From family feud, to a photo booth, every event was extremely successful and everyone who participated had a great time.


While all the events took place, there was also a buffet of delicious food for guest to enjoy. Tables were filled with a plethora of piping hot, delicious foods from all over the world. Dishes included steaming spring rolls, saucy lasagna, tres leches (three milk) cake, and every dish in-between. Everything served was amazing, and everyone went back for seconds.

When guests weren’t feasting on the delicacies of the night, they were able to purchase raffle tickets, and bid on a variety of gift baskets in a silent auction. The school was auctioning off baskets full of sports memorabilia, luxury chocolates, movie tickets, and the schools merchandise! Visitors could also buy raffle tickets, so they could have a chance to win prizes including Beats headphones, $100 gift cards and even a drone camera!


Once the event was in full swing, a small fashion show took place through the area where guests were seated. Music was played and students were able to strut down the isles of the cafeteria, to show off their cultural attire.


Just when the excitement seemed to be slowing down, the talent show began. Students and guests alike filed into the school’s auditorium to see spectacular performances.
Performers played songs, danced, sang and there was even a pair who did a breath taking spoken word poem. The show concluded with a teary eyed performance of One Love by Bob Marley from the grade 12 students who completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.


For eleven years Weston Colligate institute has been hosting this event, and it has always been a success. All proceeds from the event go towards the schools International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Funds help give scholarships to students pursuing post secondary education, as well as the annual Algonquin Park trip that takes place in September, for 9th grade and graduating students.

Weston’s Multi Cultural night is extremely popular with the school and community. Everyone in attendance always has an amazing time and talks about it for nights on end.

The official name of the event is A Taste of Weston IB with a Multi Cultural Twist, but it should really be called, Around the world in one night!

This post was brought to you by: Luisa Bada: Living in Weston and loving it