Weston community services to be slashed

According to InsideToronto, some of Weston’s community service agencies are facing deep cuts that will seriously impede their ability to help newcomers.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is cutting a large part of the budget for three Weston-area agencies: Northwood Neighbourhood Services, the Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples, and the York-Weston Community Services Centre.

“The impact will be huge for sure,” agreed Azaria Wolday, Settlement Manager for Northwood. His agency opened in 1982 and has been receiving CIC funding since 1986, with it now accounting for approximately 30 per cent of Northwood’s operating budget.

Northwood Neighbourhood Services is at the Crossroads Plaza, beside Jolly Restaurant.

CIC also cut funding for separate reasons to the Centre for Spanish Speaking [sic] Peoples on Jane Street near Hwy. 401 and the York-Weston Community Services Centre, she said. The latter agency on Weston Road, which also housed a Southern Sudanese settlement organization, shut down this past fall after losing its government funding.

“So the impact in York South-Weston is enormous,” said Newrick. CIC funding covers approximately 40 per cent of her agency’s budget.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.