Weston does not get the shaft

Today, Toronto’s Mayor and Ontario’s Premier announced that their governments will work together to build subways in Toronto. Unfortunately, those subways will now stop short of  Weston-Mt Dennis.

David Miller’s Transit City plan would have had surface light rail stops at Black Creek, Weston Road, and Jane Street. Mayor Ford’s Eglinton light rail subway will not make it as far, and will terminate at Black Creek instead of passing through Weston on the way to Martingrove. The new, shorter line will cost $8.4 billion, and will be paid for by the province.

Weston is not the only area to lose LRT. The Finch Avenue line will not be built either.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Weston does not get the shaft”

  1. adam, i was under the impression that the LRT line would terminate at jane & eglinton, with the tunnelled section from the east end of the city to black creek (the waterway) & a surface section from black creek to jane street.

    so the termination will now be at black creek drive where the car yard will be?

    i can’t believe they couldn’t tunnel west under weston road, pop out on the north side of eglinton ave. near the flats @ jane & continue down the richview right of way out west. if we couldn’t get an underground station @ weston & eglinton with nunziata as the mayor’s closest ally, i fear it won’t happen for a long time. this was the best political opportunity.

    the sheppard line extension is nothing but a political move for ford to secure votes in the east end of the city, at the expense of the west end. i just can’t see how someone who is so determined to stop the gravy train wants to pour so much funds into extending sheppard as a subway when LRT technology would be more than enough for the future projected ridership on that corridor. ask yourself this, why is LRT technology okay for eglinton but not sheppard? there is enough space on sheppard east for a middle of the road LRT. these are not dense urban lands. and if ford doesn’t want LRT, he should have just cancelled the LRT extension that miller started and that’s it. making eglinton a true crosstown route, both above ground in existing ROWs & underground in other areas would have been a more noble cause.

    1. Anon, I’m not totally sure, but the MTO says the new line will run “Along Eglinton Avenue from Black Creek Drive in the west to Kennedy Station in the east. It will run largely in a tunnel except for sections in the Don Valley and in the approaches to Black Creek and Kennedy Stations.”

      The map also comes from the MTO, here: http://bit.ly/hk4I8g

      A bad day for Weston and the west end too.

  2. In response to anon, I’m guessing the car yard would be on the old Kodak lands, since that’s been the site mentioned several times, and it’s near the terminus of the stubRT. There’s no real reason for the LRT to end at Black Creek Drive (Jane Street is a major artery), except for reasons of cost. The Liberals need to look very carefully at themselves. And Laura Albanese should hire some movers for October 7.

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