Weston Farmers Market nearly didn’t happen this year.

The Weston Farmers Market was promised that its brand new location in the Weston Community Hub would be ready for the 2018 season. Unfortunately, owing to construction delays, the site is not ready.

As a result, Weston Village BIA Chair, Masum Hossain requested the use of the UP Express parking lot for one more year. Metrolinx gave a firm no, stating that lower fares, have boosted passenger numbers and greatly increased the demand for parking. Compounding the problem, the Weston Park Baptist Church which leases its parking lot to Metrolinx on weekdays, closes its own lot to the general public on weekends.

Until three weeks ago, there was a standoff. Masum then asked local MPP Laura Albanese to see what she could do. Ms Albanese was somehow able to appeal to the better nature of Metrolinx and as a result, the market will occupy the UP Express lot for one more year. Without this intervention, Masum assures me that the Weston Farmers Market could not have operated in 2018.

The BIA has hired a new market manager. She is experienced and dynamic corporate event manager, Jennifer Forde who also happens to perform the same duties for Nathan Phillips Square Farmers Market. Jennifer is hoping to expand the customer and vendor base of our market so keep coming back to check out the new stalls in the weeks to come.

Brand new market manager Jennifer Forde with BIA chair Masum Hossain at the first Weston Farmers Market of 2018.

One familiar face was missing this week, that of Joe Gaeta of Gaeta Farms. Joe comes up from Beamsville every week but mechanical issues caused him to miss opening day.

Market stalwart, Joe Gaeta stands beside his favourite bougainvillea. (file)

Correction: In the article, I spelled Masum Hossain’s name incorrectly. This has been corrected and apologies to Mr. Hossain for the error.

5 thoughts on “Weston Farmers Market nearly didn’t happen this year.”

  1. I hope the market returns next year as the same market and not an scaled down to a mini mart- space is looking pretty tight. I also hope it has the support of all the farmers we have come to know. So glad its Farmers Market season again.

  2. There were less vendors than normal. I just assume it was because it was the first day. Albion Hills Farm wasn’t there as per norm. I love the Weston Farmer’s Market. I’m able to get all my fresh produce way cheaper than the grocery store.

    1. Market use to be great when it was actual farmers…more folks selling from the food terminal then farmers

  3. Letter of the week.

    I wonder if the folks at Weston Lions Arena were asked to share their lot for the neighbourhood market?

    Way back in the olden days, was it not know as the Fair Grounds?

    Wouldn’t that be a nice venue – right in the river valley, away from the very tired looking Main Street area.

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