Weston Federal Building Update.

Last August WestonWeb commented on the dismal state of buildings along Weston Road. This is the first in a series of updates starting with 2050 Weston Road – what was once known as the Weston Federal Building, containing the post office for many years. In 2012 the Federal Government sold the building after efforts by Mike Sullivan and Frances Nunziata to make the property available for community use. The premises have stood vacant for years but now, while things are happening inside, external appearances have changed little.

The old Federal Building. No trace of its former tenant remains.
The old Federal Building as it looked last August.
There Federal Building in July 2014
The Federal Building as it looks today – little changed, its facade still blighted by ugly utility wiring.

A reader of the original article commented that changes to the building had been held up because of asbestos issues on the second floor. These seem to have been fixed as the interior is currently being worked on.

While there has been quite a bit of activity inside the building, the once attractive brick, cement and granite exterior remains largely as it was with a broken window and old graffiti allowed to remain. The planting beds outside the building have been cemented over.

The upper floors are being converted into apartments and are advertised for rent.

Work is in progress on the ground floor.
The interior has been stripped and work is in progress on the ground floor.
Broken windows invite more vandalism.
A broken window outside the old entrance.
Graffiti is still there after nearly a year.
Graffiti is still there after more than a year.
This bench is an artifact from the old City of York and belongs in a museum.
This bench is an artifact from the old City of York and belongs in a museum.

While First Avenue Properties has had a ‘For Lease’ sign displayed on the premises since last August, several calls to arrange a viewing were put off with the comment that, ‘The agent who deals with the property is not in the office’. They did allow that the upper floor apartments will be bachelors and one-bedrooms.

If readers wish to try for themselves, the phone number is 905-856-3031.

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  1. Thanks for the research, and for the pictures. The streetscape surely could get some vegetation and care from the development!

  2. I say demolish the place along with Cruikshank and build something new, mixed and useful.

  3. I bet someone got an idea to sell that that building and the dealership to townhouse developers again.

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