Weston GO and UP Express numbers may drop

The UP Express at Weston Station. (file)

Back in 2011, Weston Web reported that the old Weston Station on John Street used to see about 450 trips daily (weekdays only). That would translate into about 225 people using the station.

Metrolinx published Weston’s passenger numbers for UP Ex and GO last April and they were up sharply thanks to a $1.50 subsidy for people making one journey using both the GO and TTC (courtesy of the Kathleen Wynne government). This was possible only for passengers using the much loved Presto Card.

The latest figures from April show that between April 2018 and January 2019, GO passenger numbers increased by 21% while UP Ex numbers were up 15.8%. Weston station sees about 1100 GO trips daily while UP Ex has about 940. That’s about 1000 people daily going through Weston Station which is a huge increase from the 225 in 2011.

With the recent announcement that the Ford government will drop the subsidy, there is concern that people will get back in their cars and drive.

Metrolinx claims it is willing to throw in 75¢ of the rebate if the city of Toronto will throw in the other half of the rebate but as usual, Toronto, in its 227th year of austerity, is pleading poverty.

Over to you Councillors Nunziata and Holyday.


7 thoughts on “Weston GO and UP Express numbers may drop”

  1. It’s time for all the GTA transit services to get together and rationalize the fare system. A person taking transit should not have to pay double just for crossing an imaginary line on a map. The Wynne government solution was a band aid covering up the failures of Metrolinx and the other systems to come up with a permanent solution. This move to make fares more expensive will cause more people to take their cars to work.

  2. Our councillors need to think about making transit affordable and attractive. Traffic is already terrible in this area and more incentive not to drive are crucial!

    We need transit to work: Nunziata, Holyday please act!

    1. Where is there traffic in weston? Yes there is a little at weston lawrence at 43o but that’s it….please…

        1. always, its not much…and its lasts for a short time period….so please….how about we clean the area up and actually have people come and spend time shopping, eating, etc along weston rd….

  3. I wrote to metrolinx asking whether they were giving back the money they were given for the reduced fare. They have not responded.

  4. No one likes to pay more for ANYTHING, that’s a given. But, some things are worth it – which is what I’ve found using either GO or UP from Weston and back, each and every time.

    We’re lucky.
    (And, many of us can walk to and from the station!)

    Unless you’re a crow, you can’t get into the city any faster, at a reasonable cost – even if it’s bumped up a little. It’s a great way to get to work if you’re located down there or just head into town for an entertaining visit – even if it’s something as simple as a walk around Harbourfront, to see the Tall Ships, for example.

    Life’s not perfect..
    or without cost & consequence.

    Adapt, where you can.

    I hope it’s never a case of,
    “use it or lose it.”

    Get onboard!
    (a nice, fun way to get exercise, too.)

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