Weston is a hotspot for COVID

Weston, Mount Dennis, and Humber Heights are hotspots for the COVID virus, with some of the highest rates of infection in the city. Excluding healthcare transmissions, Weston is the second-most infected neighbourhood.

The city released data yesterday that showed the geographic distribution of COVID sufferers.


  • Humber Heights, just across the river, has the highest rate in the city, with 1525 cases per 100,000 residents. 
  • Weston has the second-highest rate in the city: 1022 per 100,000.
  • Mount Dennis is fifth, with 904 cases per 100,000.

This is, of course, terrible and tragic, but it may be explainable by a higher concentration of nursing homes, which have been responsible for many transmissions.

In part, this is the case: excluding institutional cases, Mount Dennis and Humber Heights fall to a more typical number of cases. Weston, however, does not.

If we don’t count the number of cases in nursing homes and elder care, Weston has 705 cases per 100,000 residents—15 times the number in the beaches, and 6 times the number in the Junction.

Only nearby Maple Leaf has more cases. Weston has the second-highest infection rate in the city, and therefore among the highest infection rates in Ontario, since COVID cases are concentrated in the GTA.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

17 thoughts on “Weston is a hotspot for COVID”

  1. I live in Weston at Lawrence and Weston road should I be concerned as if reading the report stated correctly we are the second highest in the city. Just starting to venture out more with mast.

  2. Judy you should always be concerned when at Weston and Lawrence. Terrible intersection. Be safe.

    1. The question was about Covid – why are you slamming the neighborhood totally.
      Being resident of Weston for some 60 plus years yes it has had a decline in appearance but that was a government choice of making it a large 3rd world hub.
      Everywhere is potentially unsafe these days.
      When you relate to the seniors residences some are Downsview – Etobicoke – Rexdale and north York (this is GTA) not Weston.

      1. She wasn’t slamming the neighbourhood just the intersection at Weston/Lawrence. I raised my kids there and it has always been a bad intersection. Stay safe

  3. Weston and Lawrence used too have a lovely country style donuts with a clean urinal. Now you can get crank there and just pee on a wall.

  4. You know..
    donuts aren’t that good for you.
    (So, maybe steer clear of that joint.)


    Physically distancing yourself (2 metres/6feet), is good.

    Wearing a mask – in closed quarters – will prevent saliva from spraying others folks, is very good.

    Don’t touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth), ever!

    And then, best of all..
    Wash your hands (like a surgeon), again & again!

    ( ..at least, 20 seconds with warm water & soap)

  5. Given the reported cases and the number of neighborhoods, the most likely explanation is that this is a statistical fluctuation. It has to happen somewhere, it happened in Weston.

    1. Thanks Anna
      Nothing worse than bloggers posting wrong facts. If there in-fact any truth to original post, it could be the standards people live by.
      Remember when Knob Hill Farms opened and it was a great place then food was opened, fruit tasted people spit on floors etc. and the same occurred in many stores, including the filth left behind in Country Style donuts causing it to close.
      As far as the urinals that’s a man thing , any gas station has the same filth. Would hate to be a employee having to try to keep us all safely hygienically safe.

  6. It still is Anna. I just went to website. Toronto.ca for it. Same as last night. Just be safe. Thats all we can do. The news listed the hotspots and we were not one of them. If you go to the website they even have issued an apology for the error with information shown prior to fixing it which shows what you and i see.

  7. It still is Anna. I just went to website. Toronto.ca for it. Same as last night. Just be safe. Thats all we can do. The news listed the hotspots and we were not one of them. If you go to the website they even have issued an apology for the error with information shown prior to fixing it which now fixed shows what you and i see.

  8. It says on the web page that earlier information on the map was incorrect and that the updated version is accurate so….we’re no longer #1!

  9. I watched CBC the other night. They said the largest influx of cases was in
    the Jane & Sheppard neighbourhood.

  10. Though I’m grateful to have you check my math, I think you’ll find that we are still a hotspot for COVID.

    If you go to the data (link above) you should:
    1) Restrict it to infection rate (per 100,000 people)
    2) Select “Sporadic” at the top.

    The rationale are these:
    1) Total cases is irrelevant if you’re worried about community transmission. Toronto has more cases than Timmins, but Toronto has more people than Timmins.
    2) Cases within health care facilities are tragic but not spread in the community.

    Doing so will yield 705 cases per 100,000 residents, second only to the Maple Leaf neighbourhood, with 731.

  11. No matter where you are & how you look at this, and clearly there are many ways – keep your distance & wash your hands!

    We’ve much work to do, still.

  12. The Ontario Government would be very wise to open up a small section of the Humber Hospital on CHURCH Street as a local Covid-19 testing site for a very needy community. Weston is among one of the most infected and also poverty-stricken areas in Ontario. It also has a large senior population. With all of these counts already against it, why are Westonians also forced to travel to other areas of Toronto further away to get tested during this raging pandemic? What is the sense behind this risky travel, ie on public transit, when there already exists a local community-built Humber Hospital building which was closed down by the former provincial government? The time and energy spent on the long travel and the long wait time for testing is bad enough for Westonians but especially cruel towards our seniors.

    It might be a small step for the Province of Ontario, but a giant leap for our vulnerable Weston community if the government simply opened up a portion of the hospital as a local testing site.

    We are worth it!

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