Weston is *not* the second-poorest

A couple of posts ago, I asked if anyone had data on the poverty in Weston. You can all put your calculating machines away. I think I’ve done it.

I’d heard for ages that Weston is the second-poorest postal code in Ontario. I confess, I was sceptical, since I heard this very same second-poorest thing when I lived in a bad part of Vancouver. That struck me as too odd a coincidence. I know I like neighbourhoods that are a little rough around the edges, but really.

And, it turns out, I was right. We don’t live in the second poorest. We live in the 40th poorest.

Don’t get smug, though. That’s still really bad. Weston is poorer than 92% of the rest of Ontario. The average Westonian makes $33,422, while the average Ontarian makes $54,000.

To make the comparison, I downloaded 2015 tax data (the most recent year available) from Revenue Canada. Obviously, we don’t all live in a single postal code, but we live in a single FSA—a Forward Sortation Area: M9N. (Mount Dennis shares M6M with a few other communities.) I eliminated all the FSAs that didn’t start with L, M, N, K, or P, the postal codes for Ontario.

With a bit of Excelling, I came up with the following:

  • Mount Dennis is in the 21st-poorest region in Ontario, poorer than 95% of all postal codes.
  • Weston is the 40th poorest region, poorer than 92%.
  • The poorest area is Thorncliffe Park, Toronto, and part of Jane and Finch is the second-poorest. Residents there make less than $25,000 per person per year.
  •  Lawrence Park has the highest-income residents. They make $212,000 a year, per person.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Weston is *not* the second-poorest”

  1. Wow! Thanks for that work. That is really interesting and poorer than 92% of Ontario is pretty bad.

    We need services, infrastructure, walkable streets … try getting along Weston Rd with a stroller or a walker. Our councillor needs to wake up to help.

  2. Hi Adam. Some additional context: The metric that is often referred to is average household income by *riding*. Last time I checked, York South—Weston (which includes many other neighbourhoods — and census tracts — beyond Weston) still had the second lowest average household income in the province. Out of 124 ridings.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I wasn’t able to find any data on income by riding. Do you know off the top of your head (don’t dig; I can do that) where it is?

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