Weston Library facing cuts

The Weston and Mount Dennis library branches will have to cut service hours if City Council accepts the recommendations of the city’s chief librarian. Both the Weston and Mount Dennis branches will be asked to close for an additional 2.5 hours every week.

The cuts have been ordered by Rob Ford, who told every city department to cut 10% of its budget. Not all libraries, however, are being told to close early. Of the 98 libraries in the city, 29 dodged the axe.

Despite Doug Ford’s stated willingness to close library branches, none of the libraries in the riding of the mayor’s brother are facing service cuts. Both libraries in Frances Nunziata’s riding are, however.

Rob Ford promised in his election campaign that “services will not be cut, guaranteed”.Ā Cutting service will only solve part of the library’s budget problems however; collections will also be reduced.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Weston Library facing cuts”

  1. I thought there was to be no service cuts…I regret voting for this Rob Ford.
    But I expect Nunziata to stop the cuts at Weston…lets wait and see.

  2. The Weston Library is closed on Sun. & opens late on Tues & Thurs. want more do they want? I find it interesting that the branches in Doug Ford’s ward do not have any cut of hours. I’ve been to that branch on Kipling in the plaza it’s terrible it’s a one little room with and when lots kids are in there it’s very loud and crowded. I think Weston branch is the best neighborhood library in the city. The adult & kids are separate floors. I just think there’s sometimes too much staff just on my observation. I asked when they bringing self checkouts they said next year which is good. Also they need some security machine in the entrance. Some current magazines are always missing. So this talk of closing branches or cutting hours is just window dressing. I hope Frances fights this. It’s totally unfair.

  3. Frances Nunziata wrote us a letter about this topic. She’d like you to know that:

    “At its meeting of October 17th, the Toronto Public Library Board adopted recommended service efficiencies and additional revenue opportunities. The Board did not approve any service reductions and deferred consideration of proposed service reductions to its budget committee where they will look at further efficiencies and additional revenue opportunities before the issue is considered once more at the Board meeting in November. Staff did propose a reduction of Monday to Sunday hours in 23 library branches and among the branches listed for consideration of a reduction of 2.5 hrs per week are the Mount Dennis and Weston Branches, but again these reductions have not been approved.

    With respect to how certain locations were recommended for reduced hours and others were not, one of the principles for determining hour reductions was to ensure that the minimum service levels of 5 days, 40 hours per week, were maintained. In your post, you noted that none of the branches in Councillor Ford’s ward were among those recommended for reduced hours. You did not point out, however, that the libraries in Councillor Ford’s ward are already at the minimum level of service – they are only open 40 hours per week. Again, the Board has yet to vote on whether to approve reducing the hours of service, but I would like to point out that even if approved, the Mount Dennis and Weston library branches will still be receiving service above minimum levels despite the reports that these two branches are not heavily utilized.”

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