Weston Library to be a hold centre for Mount Dennis branch

Toronto Public Library’s Mount Dennis branch will be closed for over a year beginning on Saturday, October 29th. This is to allow for extensive renovations. During that time, Mount Dennis patrons are asked to pick up their holds at the Weston branch on King Street. This will no doubt mean a busier library and an even tougher time to find a parking spot for regular Weston patrons as many people will come by car.

Would it be too much to expect that Weston branch hours will not be reduced? Perhaps there is even a case for expanding hours while Mount Dennis is closed.

One thought on “Weston Library to be a hold centre for Mount Dennis branch”

  1. This looks like the renovations was approved by the former board. What the heck they are doing that it will take over year and half closure? We could have a nice much needed bigger building for a library for that time! 6 months max should be the allowed time. And what’s with the new board recommendations about closing 38 branches & taking out the computers WOW how stupid could you get! Who’s actually running the library system in our city?!

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