Weston Memorial traffic headaches

Toronto Traffic officers will be ticketing scofflaws who park and stop outside Weston Memorial. The streets around the school have become a warzone around the beginning and end of school, especially now that there is snow on the ground and more parents are dropping their children off.

According to the school, the problem is worst on John, but Queens Drive is becoming bad as well. The principal, Vince Baglione, said in a newsletter that he is “extremely fearful for the safety and security of our children, as the tempers escalate and the gridlock expands.”

This morning, your man in Weston saw quite a bit of honking and fist shaking and witnessed a parking officer circling in his car, but not yet issuing fines.

Baglione asks parents to walk, and, if that’s not possible, park a block away.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.