Weston / Mount Dennis is gentrifying – in spots

There is an interesting article in the Toronto Star today that discusses gentrification, its effects and where it is happening in our city. The article looks at the change in household income between 2006 and 2015 in neighbourhoods across the city. While neither Weston nor Mount Dennis can be classified as gentrified – or even close (yet), there are significant increases in household income in many of our neighbourhoods.

Warm colours represent larger increases while blue indicates a decrease in household income.

Interestingly, Weston Village is a rare Toronto enclave where incomes have stagnated or even dropped over that 9-year period. That’s not to say that incomes there are low but they’ve not kept up with the rest of the city in that time. In contrast, neighbourhoods along Weston Road seem to have become more prosperous. There is a particular hot spot (+34%) north and south of Lawrence just west of Weston Road but it’s probably too soon to say if the UP Express has had an effect (btw, my neighbours love taking the 14-minute UP Express trip into Toronto for baseball games at the Skydome Rogers Centre.)

Many parts of Mount Dennis, have also seen an above average increase. Again, the 2021 opening of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT may be a factor in this but time will tell.


The results across the city showed an 18% average increase in household income. Check the Star’s article to see how your neighbourhood compares.

2 thoughts on “Weston / Mount Dennis is gentrifying – in spots”

  1. Oh and don’t forget about all those rich artists that are going to move into the 30 storey rental tower. All that new disposable income coming into the community, I can see it now….those rich artists shopping at all those wonderful stores along Weston Rd and eating at P&M……..well at least they will have a place to eat at.

  2. Lower Mount Dennis has no high rise buildings, pretty much all single family dwellings with a few low rise or a apartments above stores. House prices are doing very well, thank you,making me wonder if the purchasers at market price are driving the income improvement.

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