Weston one of the “Greatest Communities in Canada”

The Globe and Mail ran a wonderful article on Weston on Canada Day—and Weston was named as one of the greatest communities in Canada! The author, Josh O’Kane, really understands why we love our town:

It has crime but it also has pride – and people working to overcome its problems. Weston isn’t perfect but in many ways it still offers a slice of small-town life in Toronto….

The small-town roots are reflected in Weston’s weekly farmers market, which draws up to 1,000 visitors, and the fact there is still a local Santa Claus parade.

So far, there are no comments on the article—go on, and let the country know we’re proud!

Thanks to Diana Stapleton for nominating Weston, and thanks to Brigitte for tipping me off in the forum.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Weston one of the “Greatest Communities in Canada””

  1. Good article I was born here in 70’s lived here ever since . Lots of changes have happen. Despite lots of changes there’s still sense of strong community. However I am worry about the GO train expansion airport link.. It’s going to be still a commuter service with double the fare than TTC plus all day service. Plus with larger parking lot their building it’s going more traffic along Weston, which is already congested. Plus the “ditch” they’re going to have closing King John sts I don’t like what’s coming.

  2. Mel I have to agree with you on the new rail link. I think it’s going to to more damage than good for us.

    I’ve been in Weston since I was a baby and my Grandparents moved to this community when they came to Canada in 1951.

    I’ve seen alot of changes in Weston, both good and bad. The worst has been the dying of the Weston Road shopping (good stores mostly gone and junk and money stores in).

    I think though, that Weston can still thrive if we, as a community, work hard to get the things we need. The possibility of the College coming in, making the market year round would be another good idea too.

    There is alot we could do as a community to make Weston better. I’d like to see things return too, like the community garage sale, the street party and more events for the community. We’re doing good so far with increasing community activities and I’d like to see more.

    Perhaps if there were more meetings of the Community Association we, as residents, could voice more of what we would (and wouldn’t) like to see.

  3. I can’t imagine 140 diesel trains a day on the ARL link will be good for Weston or the 3000 school age kids in the community. On top of that GO expansion if it happens will see even more Tier 2 diesel locomotive plowing through Weston (As many as 300 more per day) it insane. But we are being told it will be the price of progress.


    The price of progress is investing in ELECTRIC trains NOW….not in 30 years when they’ve poisoned the children. I mean what will it take kids being born with 2 heads before to prove diesel isn’t good? It’s the three first letters in that product that make me wonder. How many will die as a result of living in a sooty environment 24/7? Cancer deaths doubled in the UK when they went to diesel. India almost had a revolt of 22,000 doctors before they say the light and converted to electric trains. India has 50% of the country converted to electric. They have more electric trains than we do….think about that. And we call them “Third world”? Open the door and smell the diesel, we’re the Third World.

  4. That was 220,000 doctors who convinced the govt in India to change it’s ways and convert to electric trains.

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