Weston pharmacist gets 13 years in jail

A pharmacist at Weston PharmaChoice on Lawrence has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for dealing fentanyl. A Weston-area doctor was a co-conspirator. He will be sentenced next month.

Shereen El-Azrak was convicted of selling 2,780 fentanyl patches fraudulently prescribed by Dr George Otto, who worked at a walk-in clinic near Jane and Wilson.

The court estimates that she distributed up to 6,400 patches, worth more than a million dollars on the street.

For each ‘patient’ (each of whom received many patches) Otto received a kickback of $1500, and El-Azrak got $500, according to Global News. The fentanyl packages were sold to two middlemen, who distributed them across the province, as far away as Sudbury.


El-Azrak also worked as a pharmacist at the Humber River Regional Hospital, according to The Globe and Mail.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Weston pharmacist gets 13 years in jail”

  1. How many more lives ruined? 13 years is little enough: strip every penny and bolster drug-rehab programs, and impose absolute restrictions on these two for the rest of their lives.

    1. They will just get it somewhere else . It’s all about money today . The liberals give all are money away . What do you want to do with them ?

  2. In addition and what’s even more disappointing (if that’s possible) is that this greedy & vile collection of human beings did not live amongst us.


    They drove in daily to ply their trade – taking advantage in this poor unaware landscape. Then, preyed upon the unfortunates – to the tune of $500 and $1500/head – shamelessly.

    The land of opportunity.

    Wonder what the penalty would be in the land of their ancestors? Probably more severe, don’t you think?

      1. Most countries would NOT allow this to happen! Canada has different punishment for the same crime. Some get off easy and some get nailed.

  3. Funny how it works if they actually made things like marijuana more readily available for low cost shit like this would not happen as much. Also Viagra and other important modern medications need to be available.Yet the government allows pharmaceutical companies to run the show. And pharmacists and doctors just jump on the bandwagon. Many medications and the trivial society we live in have caused the epidemic to begin with. Makes me sick. the more pain people are in the more effective the desire for toxic medication. Wake up People and stop taking stuff unless you actually need it. It is a good way to stop this pathetic synthetic movement

  4. “..shit like this wouldn’t happen as much.”

    If only “dependency”, usually multiple addictive dependency were so easy to self diagnose and quit.

    From where I stand, it’s the greed at play.

    Greed, from “trusted” health care professionals is the real pathetic in this story – thankfully, addressed by madam Justice – that’s worrisome.

    Add to that, the pharmacist sought leniency for her own (personally developed) health concerns – which she was told by the judge would be addressed properly during her 13 year term.


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