Weston planning conference wraps up

The Weston 2021 design conference ended on Thursday. For three days, dozens of Toronto’s best and brightest architects and planners devoted themselves to solving the problems in Weston. The ‘charette’ was organized by Frances Nunziata, our city councillor, and developed out of the work of Paul Bedford, Toronto’s former Chief Planner.

The architects and urban planners were trying to improve three areas in Weston: the residential area between Rosemount and the Humber, the Weston GO Station, and the apartment towers at 1765 and 1775 Weston Rd.

The conference started with the idea that Weston is not an intersection; it is a town. However, the attendees recognized several problems that were brought to them by community members:

  • We suffer from a lack of connectivity between the two sides of the tracks
  • The streetscape along Weston Road is not inviting
  • Residents have concerns about safety
  • The retail spaces along Weston Road tend to serve only low-income residents
  • Much traffic goes through Weston, but few people stop

The planners at the conference were trying to improve the community by finding something to rejuvenate the business area, increase day to day activity in Weston, and catalyze growth in developments and public space. Some of the ideas included:

  • Improving the policing, lighting, and cleaning along Weston Rd.
  • Creating ‘catalyst’ development at the Weston GO station that will draw the community together and create new investment opportunity
  • Creating a ‘bicycle identity’ for the area, building on our history of bicycle manufacture

The charette worked to develop a final printed product which will be available soon. The proposed ideas will be subjected to financial scrutiny at the next level of planning, the “Technical Assistance Panel” workshop.

Metrolinx and the City of Toronto picked up the tab for the charette.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Weston planning conference wraps up”

  1. Very useful summary of the design charette. This is a very significant event with key participants in attendance. The organizations involved are very serious and able to make the revitalization happen.

    Residents can help make the change happen by getting more involved in the design/planning process and then by walking, shopping, and participating in community events. This is all very encouraging and promising.

    Thanks to Adam and Westonweb.ca for making this information available to the community.

  2. I am very skeptical about new GO Train station & all day service on the GO train will revitalize the neighborhood. What’s missing from the debates of this is that GO train is a premium service. The fares are double of TTC fares. I used to take the train in Weston when I worked downtown. The tickets were like 35 bucks for 10 rides now I think they are 40 bucks. Every year they went up! I just don’t see people from other parts of Toronto or GTA taking GO train to Weston at these fares. I was talking to someone and we both agreed what’s needed is a LRT or subway with local and express trains that are with TTC fares. GO train is a commuter service with commuter fares people won’t stop for a visit. I keep asking them at the open houses well “what’s the fares gonna be like” they said they don’t know. Ask the politicians lol Having some sort of better fare integration with TTC fares should be talk about.

  3. Funny enough there was a mention of a Community Center for the Weston community but it was basically ignored in favour of streetscaping and revitalizing main street. If we continue to ignore the 3000 school age children and teenagers in our community we will do that at our own peril. If children have nowhere to go and do something constructive, they will get into trouble and crime will just keep increasing in the community. It’s 11:30pm and a teenager has been stabbed outside 1775 Weston Road – the two buildings that are on the city’s list for the Mayor’s Tower Renewal Project that is also part of the revitalization of Weston.

  4. Any news on what stage development plans are at for the south of Lawrence site including West Park and the Bank? We need to ensure Metrolinx doesn’t just pave their lot and forget about it for another 20 years.

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