Weston Pool getting ready to go but will it open?

City staff are preparing Weston’s open air pool for opening once again this year but before welcoming guests for summer 2020, its opening will need the blessing of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health along with the MOH for Ontario.

Will the pool open this year or will the Covid-19 virus end a 61-year tradition?

The pool getting prepped for 2020.

The MOHs will decide whether chlorinated water and fresh air will diminish the Covid virus sufficiently to warrant opening once school’s out er, would have been out for the summer. They will be pondering whether swimmers and paddling pool tots can be kept a safe distance apart.

The pool could be a great place for kids to use up some of that quarantine energy that’s been building for the past few weeks.

Incidentally, I peeked into the empty pool and there is an impressive deep end edging up to the tennis courts. When the pool was built in 1959, there must have been at least one board or platform so that this wing of the pool was reserved for diving.

An impressive deep end.

Sadly, the platform(s) disappeared years ago to be replaced by a lifeguard chair in our safety-conscious times.

I think I answered my own question.

6 thoughts on “Weston Pool getting ready to go but will it open?”

  1. They had one diving ‘spring’ board and one much higher platform. I want to say it was 12 feet high.

  2. Sadly, every city operated pool in the city has eliminated their low & high diving boards, as you note – for the obvious “neck breaking prevention” reasons.

    But, don’t know about those pools that actually have diving boards & towers like Christie Pitts and Woodbine?

    Where do young would be “divers” practice this fun, gymnastic skill?

    Anyway, wonder if they’ll ever consider turning that little “kiddies wading pool” into a fancy pants “splash pad”, with fantasy land sprayers?

    It would really spiff up that aging public pool because as it stands, often times the Canada Geese just love to bathe in that enclosed space and jam up the plumbing with their green parting gifts.

    And then, it seemingly takes forever to get someone to come clear & clean that little pool.

    It’s a shame and needless to say, “yucky”.

    But, first things first – let’s see if it actually opens during this physical distancing & testing period, right?

    (Imagine the length of the revised City of Toronto Public Health department’s, “Things to Do” list before entering the pool deck and swimming pools – ignored by most who ironically, go to get wet and cool down!)

  3. The pool did have a high diving board and a lower board at the deep end.. Did a few belly flops off that high board..

  4. How’d that Mellencamp song go,
    “..hurt so good..”

    (Ahh, the good ol’ daring days of summer, eh?)

  5. Don’t remember the depth of Weston’s pool..
    but probably at least 9ft, right?

    In any case, it’s exactly why with many of the city’s pools (with at least a comparable depth) we could work on those swan dives, Jack knifes, cannonballs, can openers and yes, belly flops!

    (Where’d we go wrong, and become “frady cats”?)

    Hope they can justify opening up for the summer.

    So, keep distancing, wash hands..
    .. and don’t “spit” on each other – where a mask in close quarters.

    We can do this!

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