Weston Pool is open.

Weston’s 50s-era outdoor pool is open but with some concessions to Covid-19. Swim sessions are limited to an hour and that includes changing times. Numbers will be limited.

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7 thoughts on “Weston Pool is open.”

  1. Might not be that bad.

    Last year, lots of space for me & the grandchildren.
    Family friendly, too.

    And frankly, quite pleasantly surprised by the nicely managed environment.
    Warm & friendly, folks.

  2. But, let me add to the above note
    (about visiting the pool):

    To this point, we’ve only stopped by the pool to have a look see. And, found “crickets” at that time.

    Evidently, supper time for the staff in that late afternoon visit.

    And so, we couldn’t have that proper conversation with some of those young “leadership” types to see how they’re finding present day procedures and behaviours.

    However, I’m hoping to make time on this scorcher of a day (with many more coming), to visit while they’re obviously open for business & ready to take immediate questions about protocol.

    Which incidentally, has always included, “a proper shower before you enter the pool area!”

    Which very few have ever really done, anywhere and at anytime (from what I‘ve noticed about people & pools over these many years).

    Don’t want to get wet?

    Anyway, and most importantly, this will not happen unless we, the grandparents get the go ahead from our adult children – with the obligatory reminders about proper hygienic care, for that very limited (45 minute) visit.

    So, at this writing it’s still very theoretical – despite the very pleasant past visits with our young grand kids.

    Perhaps, this could be a type of helpful, mindful steps before they get back to “normal”, in September. (?)

    Better get used to more of the same, up the road, right?

    (And, don’t touch your face with those dirty hands!)

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