Weston restaurants remain open

Marion from the BIA passes along this important information: local restaurants remain open for take out and delivery, even after the announcement yesterday that most businesses must close. Uber Eats is offering free delivery, too. Some Weston restaurants are

  • Egg Smart
  • P & M Family Restaurant
  • Ali Baba Middle Eastern
  • Wiff African Restaurant
  • P & M Family Restaurant
  • Perfect Blend Café
  • Yummy Delight
  • Sun Crisp Fish and Chips
  • Weston Barbecue
  • Tim Hortons Coffee Shop
  • Chicken Roast Middle Eastern
  • God Bless Canada
  • Pizza Alps
  • Zeal Burger
  • Kitchen King Jerk
  • Auseff Halal Middle Eastern
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Popeye’s Chicken
  • Living Well Caribbean
  • Milam’s Pizzeria

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Comal Y Canela, Canada’s finest Mexican restaurant.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Weston restaurants remain open”

  1. Very cool.
    Thanks for doing your best to serve, everyone.

    But, wanna know what’s not cool?

    The disrespectful and mindless people out there who have now taken to tossing their used rubber & latex gloves on to our streets*, and in parking areas where they’ve just shopped!

    And apparently, these jerks (and I say jerks, because I didn’t want to say assholes) are now flushing their grimey used gloves, wipes & masks down the toilet, too!


    Aren’t there plenty of infrastructural & sewage problems already?

    So, as a public service (because most decent people are trying very hard to do the right thing during this viral threat), if you know or see someone being a numb nut, please remind them that trash of any kind belongs in a (grey) garbage can.

    (Hey, you never know, perhaps they’ve even seen one, at least once! ): )

    And, if you’re driving – come on..

    What does it take to save one of those many plastic bags and stuff your trash into one.

    Then, deposit accordingly.

    Like Spike said,
    “do the right thing”.

    So, if you’re guilty of this kind of wilful, careless behaviour because you’re so personally freaked out about catching something down the road, and it does come back to bite you, then I’m sorry amigo, that’s on you.. for being disrespectful to everyone concerned.

    * And, for the record – I don’t really care for the job, but I don’t generally get too bent out of shape with “some street trash”. But today, I did have to shovel up at least 8 -10 used & disgusting, black rubbery gloves just randomly tossed out onto our street, along with the usual tossed trash – used take out coffee cups & lids, too.

    And evidently, it’s happening everywhere in our city.

    Now, that’s a real “nimvy” gesture, I’d say.
    (.. not-in-my-vehicle, that is.)

    1. Thank you for saying this! I wholeheartedly agree with this.
      It’s highly unlikely that the perpetrators will see this notice though, which is incredibly disappointing!!!

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