Weston Road Flows: tons of fun

UrbanArts launched “Weston Road Flows”, a Myseum showcase, last night. The Myseum program makes “museums without walls” across the city, and UrbanArts’ gallery is an audio exhibition that blends interviews, spoken word, and beats. It’s totally worth checking out over the next two weeks.

The launch last night included performances from musicians and spoken -word artists, and boy, was it fabulous. It was a warm, welcoming party of truly gifted performers. Each of them took the stage for only a few minutes, but any of them could have stilled the room all night.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Weston Road Flows: tons of fun”

  1. Great to see you there, Adam! It was a fantastic evening and I was pleased to have been asked to participate in the audio – always interesting to hear your own voice and see how it’s been used in this kind of presentation.

    I’m sorry you had to leave when you did – Marlene took the stage to wrap up the evening and then invited me to also come up and speak. So unexpected but I was very pleased to share some history with the guests and to thank them for fulfilling a dream that Laura Alderson and I had 18 years ago. I’m blessed to know I had a small part in this great organization called UrbanArts but it’s their hard work that makes it such a brilliant space.Report

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