Weston Station blows the last whistle

The Weston Station Bar and Grill has closed, and not, it seems, because the owners decided to retire to Tempe after a prosperous career. A note posted on the door said that rent hadn’t been paid in about two years.

Not known as one of the community’s finest dining establishments, the restaurant doors were locked by several police officers last Friday morning. The proprietor of a nearby business said that there had been a commotion the first time the tenants were evicted. He smiled knowingly when I asked him if the Station was a good place to eat.

In other dining news, Canadian Style Donuts shop on Lawrence has also closed. Your humble narrator was long surprised that a company so tentatively committed to donuts could survive—after all, donuts are the Canadian dish. To say you make donuts in the Canadian style is a bit like saying the Parthenon was made in the Greek style—an odd intimation that there might be another, more familiar kind of donut (or Parthenon) with which these should not be confused.

There will no longer be any such confusion in Weston. For better or for worse, one will find only donuts—plain, maple dipped, and otherwise—in our fair village.

Finally, your humble correspondent has learned that his children will have to pay their own tuition. The coffee shop set to open up near the Popeye’s will be a class act, owned by the Kalamaris family of P&M’s, Golden Fish and Chips, and Peter the Barber’s fame. I look forward to putting their children through school instead.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Weston Station blows the last whistle”

  1. A coffee shop is what we have needed here, and will be so welcome!
    Hooray for P&Ms investment in our Main Street!

  2. I am very excited to see some revitalization on weston rd. cant wait for yhe new coffee shop beside popeyes to open. Beside it is jollys, newly opened. Beautiful sfore design. lovely handbags shoes etc of ” good quality”. Not sad to see weston station restauarant closed. hopefully it is not replaced by another check cashing store. and lastly i am surprised to see canadian style donuts close. it was around for many years. my mom used to by donuts for me when i wa a little girl about 30 years ago. and they were great, bowever needless to say they went down hill years ago. hopefully they open a decent establishment in its place. not to be rude, but a few more closures of some of these delapelTed stores.on.weston which sell junk, and opening of some higher end stores, hopefully weston road will b on its way to being classified as a desirable shopping area. ps chelli’s ” i think thats how its spelled” beside 241 pizza is also.a very nice store. lots of good quality items in there. the store is well kept with good sales staff.

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