Weston Station to get a new platform.

Work has started on a fourth passenger track that will run through Weston. The track bed is already in place and rail will be put down between Nickel and the 427 over the next few weeks. This fourth track will be for GO only and a new low level platform will be built at Weston Station. This fourth track will allow for faster and more frequent passenger service along the Kitchener line.

The single GO track back in October 2013

2 thoughts on “Weston Station to get a new platform.”

  1. Go cannot physically run all day two way service (promised in 1993) until that 4th track is laid, because UP takes up too much of the corridor. If it’s a low level only platform in Weston are the deliberately trying to PREVENT Via trains stopping here? Via desperately wants to. Go refuses to allow them.

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