Weston Station Master Plan Draws a Crowd

About 70 citizens and all three of our elected representatives, MP Mike Sullivan, MPP Laura Albanese and Councillor Frances Nunziata came out to 1901 Weston Road last night to provide additional citizen input to that already given at July’s Weston Charette and the previous station planning meeting. The meeting was well run and moved briskly, allowing input without getting bogged down in too many details. Participants were divided into groups to discuss the various options for the station and surrounding area. Groups then had their opinions and concerns recorded. Many ideas were discussed including what the entrance to the station will look like and whether parking should be above or below ground and should part of the site be used for high rise housing.

The concept that seemed to win approval of the groups (Concept 5) involves redevelopment of all lands between 1775 Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue and having a large institution such as a community college occupy the corner of Lawrence and Weston, stretching down towards the underpass as pictured below, while (hopefully) incorporating existing buildings such as the bank and church.  Station parking would be in the southern parking lot and possibly shared below grade with 1765 and 1775 Weston Road. Bus stops will be re-positioned once traffic patterns shift.

Artist concept of site development.


Other items of interest; A report generated by the Charette (Weston design conference) will be presented to Etobicoke York Community Council at their next meeting (February 14th, 9:30 am). Ms Nunziata invited residents to come to the meeting to show support.

Metrolinx is in negotiations to purchase the lease on the threatened electronic billboard. Hopefully this will kill the thing.

Next meeting: February 16, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, 1901 Weston Road; community update on the construction progress, what to expect in 2012 and to present the final operational noise and vibration mitigation report.