Weston Station Master Plan released

Last June, at the end of a year-long process of consultation, Metrolinx revealed the Weston Station Master Plan through a presentation followed by a discussion and question and answer session held at the Active Living Centre. The plan itself was not available in document form at the time but has now been finalized and released as a stand-alone 80-page document. The plan outlines the vision created when planning experts’ ideas have been combined with those of the community to produce a fascinating look into the future of Weston.

As residents we should all take the time to review this important document and take note of the implications for ourselves and future Weston residents.

As Adam has noted with regard to recent thefts from the new station’s bike racks, it is hoped that all aspects of the vision can be implemented with a clear eye on the realities of an urban environment.

4 thoughts on “Weston Station Master Plan released”

  1. I just skimmed through the report. I think it’s little over the top for commuter rail station. I just think they are spending cash just pacify the community to forget that these are going to diesels trains. And no all day GO service until 2025!? It’s going to traffic chaos cause most who use the GO trains don’t walk to the station. Who could afford their premium fares? In fact there was no mention of fares in that report. And I think ARL station is just temporary. Bay St people who do most of the traveling are going complain “why are we stopping here!”..

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