Weston Station to get bike lockers

GO Transit has promised a reader that they will install bike lockers to stem bicycle thefts at the station.

In a letter to a Weston resident (forwarded to me) GO said that they are trying to find a location for the lockers. They promised to have the lockers installed “as soon as possible”.

At least four bikes have been stolen from the station since it opened a few months ago. There are no staff on site after 10 am, and the bike racks are not in plain sight or, it seems, under camera surveillance.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Weston Station to get bike lockers”

  1. A little late….should have been there from the start. I’m out $400 & no compensation. Thanks again Metrolinx.

  2. Got that right. Too late. Won’t trust the lockers, just like I don’t trust the dudes that stole in the first place. What makes GO think this is going to help? Trust lost is very hard to regain.

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