Weston stop endangered?

Metrolinx confirmed that they will be building a UPX stop at the Mount Dennis LRT station. This can’t be good for Weston; our stop is only 2.5 km away. It will make little sense—if the UPX is still primarily an airport train—to keep it open.

From The Sun. Cool.

There may be a solution at hand: a provincial committee has asked Metrolinx to look into handing the UPX over to the TTC. MP Cheri Di Novo has requested the same, and has asked for more stops.

According to the Sun, Josh Colle, the TTC Chairman, said he was amenable; Steven DelDuca, the Transportation Minister, said he was not.

Manuel Pedrosa, Manager of Community Relations at Metrolinx, did not return my email asking about the future of the Weston stop.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Weston stop endangered?”

  1. told you this could/would/may happen.
    we need Mike Sullivan again……the others are useless, along with the so called local groups

  2. It makes sense to have an additional stop at Mount Dennis considering that it will be a hub for the LRT. However it would be a pity for Weston to lose its stop. It would be like going backwards in time. If the community opposes it and sees the detriment that this contributes to our neighbourhood then I suggest we vocalize our opposition to the appropriate decision makers.

  3. Metrolinx Community Relations won’t answer … There it all is. Turning the line over to the TTC is the best idea. Leaving it to Metrolinx the worst.

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