Weston students looking for their former teachers

Two graduates of Weston elementary schools are looking for their former teachers to give their thanks.

Parent Central is helping students find their former teachers.

If you happen to know where these teachers are, would you lend a hand?

Ms. Linda Elliott, of H.J. Alexander Community School, Weston

Omar Petralis writes:

Ms. Linda Elliott taught my full-time kindergarten program, and was instrumental in my early development. She identified me as having a gift for reading, and encouraged me in this direction as other kids in my class played with blocks. I recall being sent to the library to do “research” — and above everything feeling encouraged without having been singled out.

I graduated high school, graduated university with a B.A., and found an entry level job working for IBM. On a whim in the mid-90s, I looked her up again and she was teaching ESL at the same school. I walked into her classroom unannounced, and 25 years after the last time she saw me, she recognized me in an instant. We caught up briefly, wished each other well, and I haven’t seen her since; but that feeling of being recognized, of being remembered after all this time still brings tears to my eyes.


Ms. Suzanne Abbott, of Weston Memorial Jr Public School, York, 1980s

Valerie Smith writes:

After second grade, where I experienced a change in schools and a teacher who was less than supportive in many ways, my self-esteem was very low.

When I walked into my Grade 3 class on that early September morning, I was greeted with a warm smile and a huge “Welcome to Grade 3!” I immediately felt comfortable in Ms. Abbott’s presence. She had patience and seemed to truly love her job. During that time, I was fascinated with Newfoundland and when it came time to do a project on a province of our choice, I chose Newfoundland! Ms. Abbott just so happened to be from Newfoundland and I was able to interview her and get valuable information from her for the project.

She was also my younger brother’s first grade teacher the next year (1990-1991) and he had the same wonderful experience as I did. After she taught my brother’s class, I believe she decided to move back to Newfoundland.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Weston students looking for their former teachers”

  1. Adam there was also this posting for Weston Memo

    “Ms. Underhill, Memorial Junior Public School, Toronto

    Kelly Moore writes:

    She took the time to keep me busy and turn my ADD into something positive. She gave me the chance to be a peer tutor to some of the kids who did not speak English as their first language. I was always the first to finish the readings and in class assignments, and so with extra time on my hands, I was quite the nuisance but she saw this as an opportunity.”

    There are teachers at Weston Memo who keep in contact with other teachers who have been there for a very long time.

    Perhaps someone should have them contact Weston Memo and ask if there is a way to contact the teachers.

  2. If I am right and Suzanne Abbott is actually Suzette Abbott – she has been found!!

    I have forwarded her contact info to The Star.

    Hopefully Valerie and “Suzanne” will be reunited!

  3. If the Ms. Underhill is the one from Weston Memo then I got word this evening that she passed away last year.

  4. I’m looking for Miss Kitimora, my kindergarden teacher from 1970…what happened to her?? I liked her alot.

  5. Miss Kitimora taught my sister as well. Though she was my sister’s teacher in 1972

    If you contact the Teacher’s Union they can pass on your info to the teachers but cannot pass on the teacher’s information to you.

    This is what another teacher at my daughter’s school told me.

  6. Mrs. Elliot is currently enjoying her retirement from teaching. Mrs. Elliot was one of the original core teachers at HJA. Principal Anthony Ricchetti managed to draw a number of talented teaching individuals to HJA over the years. It has become a Lighthouse Award School and is one of only 5 schools in the 550 TDSB school system to be rated in the 99th percentile for teaching excellence by the CD Howe Institute. Mrs Elliot was a key member of the teaching team that is noted for it’s teaching prowess. Her daughter is now a teacher in the TDSB system carrying on her mothers teaching traditions.

  7. Hi,

    I’m looking for my E.S.L teacher. I immigrated in 1989 and went straight to Grade 1. She is from Australia. I believe her name is Ms. Laughler. I may have botched her last name. I’ve always wanted to meet her and thank her for teaching me English in English. She has really made a huge difference in my life.


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