Weston Village Childcare closing, laying off staff

The Weston Village Childcare has told their staff that they will lose their jobs on June 28, when the centre closes. The church that hosts them will be closing, and the childcare has been unable to find another space.

According to Kim Cross, the director, the childcare is in a terrible position: all the schools are full and the other churches in town are not suitable because they do not meet regulations. The current church presbytery has not been able to give them assurance that the  childcare will be able to stay when the church is closed or is sold.

Cross said, “We’ve looked for alternate places; we’ve searched high and low. That’s where we’re at…. I’m completely exhausted. To get to this point is sad.”

Cross said that she has spoken to Frances Nunziata, Laura Albanese, and Chris Tonks; they have not been able to secure the daycare space. I know that Mike Sullivan’s office has been attending recent meetings too.

Dear readers, this cannot be allowed to happen. Weston Village Childcare is the only licensed non-profit childcare in town, and they provide an essential service. If it closes, fewer young, energetic couples will move to our village.

I see this as a failure of political and community will. There are spaces available in Weston. Frances Nunziata said in 2011 that “”Ninety per cent of the stores on Weston Road are vacant”. Clearly, that’s untrue, but there is no shortage of space in town. 35 King, for instance has had space for years. The postal exchange is vacant now. The old beer store, while not suitable for children, has been vacant for years.

Make this happen, readers. If we cannot find space for a nonprofit that helps children and employs women, then we, as a community, are doomed. The jobs of Weston’s daycare providers are in danger. Let the politicians know that their jobs are in danger too.

  • Chris Tonks (416) 397-3098
  • Frances Nunziata: (416) 392-4091
  • Laura Albanese: (416) 243-7984
  • Mike Sullivan: (416) 656-2526


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

15 thoughts on “Weston Village Childcare closing, laying off staff”

  1. I have written e-mails to these people, thanks to your report, and really this is such an important issue on a personal and community level that we have to press for action.

    You’re right: it’s the reality of life in this the community and its prospects for the future that are at stake. The community is suffering enough from peripheral damage from the rail corridor construction: let’s force some positive reaction from our politicians!

  2. Losing the day care is a landmark loss, and if our politicians can’t intervene, it will be their loss too.

  3. The issue is finding a space that can be licensed and is safe for kids. Other places have been up for grabs, but you can’t have kids in certain environments/with certain heights etc. Realistically you can just open a daycare in any space. There are regulations and requirements. I was at the meeting. these women, and the politicians that represent them, have tried everything possible thus far. Other options have now presented themselves to be followed up. You say that Sullivan’s office has been attending meetings- well what didn’t help was Paul Ferreira’s embarrassing attack on Nunziata. Parents were pissed and he was lying to our faces. I know this blog seems to love him, but all i’m saying is I guess his campaign has started again.
    Everyone should stay on target- licensed spaces for our kids.

  4. So Danny how do you like working for Nunziata? Did you ask Nunziata why she voted to cut child care space? What has Nunziata done to help solve this matter?

  5. Bianca Lankheit, Executive Assistant to Frances Nunziata, would like you to know the following:

    “Weston Village Childcare is a private daycare, the City has some subsidized spaces at this location. You mention the vacant space on Weston Road, which is accurate, and we passed on to the Board of Directors that they should look at these locations to see if they are conducive to having a daycare. A meeting was held last week to discuss options. At this time the City offered to assist the day care in expediting the processes for licenses and permits should they wish to relocate. While there are vacancies it is up to the Board of Directors of the daycare to make the decision on whether to move or not. The City will be assisting the parents in finding another spot for their children and each parent was given information regarding this.

    I have been working with the daycare in trying to assist them since January, when this was initially brought to my attention. I have also met with the Realtor for the Church property to express to him the importance of the potential purchaser keeping the daycare in its current location.”

  6. I wonder if the $1.2 million that Metrolinx gave for a so called Cultural Hub could be used to build a facility. Or what about attracting a YMCA? Or what about the Pelmo Community Centre? I am sure the Daycare has tried to look for space, but ultimately comes down to money…….I say give the $1.2 million from Metrolinx and use it to build an addition to the Pelmo Community Centre for a permanent daycare facility!!…….Now thats an idea.

    I am still shocked that Ms. Nunziata voted to eliminate Child Care Spaces, yet now she is trying to help??? Explain that one.

  7. The issue for us is we’ve registered our son at Weston Memorial for JK and there are no other daycares that pick up for after-school care, and the school doesn’t currently offer an after-school program. So there a bunch of families scrambling to find care or get the school to offer it. Not good.

  8. There is a new community centre being built at blackcreek and eglinton, can they get space in there?

  9. The thing with childcare is that distance from home and school is a major consideration. You can’t just build a new one anywhere and expect families to use it regardless of the commute. It needs to be local.

  10. I have to agree with most postings, the daycare needs to be local. As a parent of a young child, I was not successful in enrolling my child at Weston Daycare, as they were full at the time.
    I am extremely disappointed to hear that the local councillor voted to reduce daycare space…..! Excuse me….Metrolinx gave how much money for the community???? Where is this money and what is it being used for????

    I hope for the community that space is found for the daycare.
    Lots of good ideas posted, but doubt anyone is listening.

  11. I’d like to be perfectly clear about Nunziata’s recent vote on daycare. I have found it a difficult subject to figure out. As far as I can tell, it goes like this:

    Councillor Nunziata voted against withdrawing money from a reserve fund, which was given to the city by the province in 2005-6.

    It’s not quite correct to say that Nunziata voted against daycare spaces; she voted against withdrawing provincial money that would support daycare spaces. The motion she voted against passed; she was in the conservative minority.

    I apologize for the confusion and my error.

  12. I’m very afraid we’ve been fobbed off with renewal of John St (misguidedly, and very momentarily last summer with the aluminum planters and tables placed precariously in the street.

    Instead of addressing the community’s real needs — for a community center and for services and now for day care — we’re given window-dressing, and as a bonus the mud and traffic congestion and constant annoyance off Metrolinx construction activies and all the workers’ big trucks parked along Rosemount, one of the few routes through the neighbourhood.

    Hard not to feel let down by our politicians.

  13. Lol…that the John street renewal was a joke and waste of money and resources. I know the businesses hated it too….thanks Frances.

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