Weston Village underpass mural ideas needed.

May I suggest a fantasy theme? How about a picture of a Ward 11 cycle lane? That’s probably as close as we’ll get to a real one under the current regime. There will be a booth at the Weston Farmers Market tomorrow where residents can provide suggestions. Be kind.

To save readers the trouble, I entered the link provided (https://s.cotsurvey/chkmkt.com/westonvillageunderpass) but it doesn’t work so send your ideas here and we will forward them to Councillor Nunziata.

10 thoughts on “Weston Village underpass mural ideas needed.”

  1. Trees, plants, & animals
    History of Weston through the ages
    Bikes with or without people on them.
    Weston CI art students design and paint the murals

  2. Really happy to hear that any mural will be happening! The expanse of grey concrete there is pretty dull and it would be nice to liven it up. I’m not too picky and I think Mel’s suggestions are reasonable. How much would you like to bet that after it’s done (or maybe even before), there will be some sort of opposition like the group that had issue with the mural on Lawrence between Keele and Caledonia being “scary”: https://www.cp24.com/news/meeting-to-be-held-after-some-residents-complain-lawrence-underpass-mural-is-scary-1.2690287.

    1. What did you have in mind?
      Seriously though, because of the location’s high traffic, there’s a lower chance of graffiti than in isolated places such as the St. Phillip’s bridge mural which has been defaced because the bike lane ends there. If the trail was connected, far more people would use it and there would be less likelihood of graffiti.

  3. Yeah, an historical mural would be a nice touch – especially given that the underpass is mere steps away from the area where CCM was located for a good chunk of the 20th century.

    The main CCM manufacturing plant (where they made bikes & skates) was located on Lawrence, from about the rail line to about Pine St. And, that factory was operational in 1917 – a century ago.

    There might be a story share through sporting images given CCM’s importance to Weston over the years.

  4. Waste of money when you see deplorable state weston rd is in….there is clearly no real plan…its just paint a picture here put a clock there add s crapload of rental towers …..

  5. Why not do the same as on 1901 Weston R.. Progressive pictures of the town of Weston… Such as the C.C.M Factory,, The Eagle house as it was back in the early 20th century.. Weston arena, inside when the kids were playing hockey and pleasure skating during the 1950’s. Find some old pictures and go from there.

  6. Correct.

    They’ve done a nice job telling their story in Islington Village – Dundas, between Islington & Kipling. And, at the Dundas underpass on Royal York, near Humbertown Plaza, telling some of the story of the Kingsway.

    Better than plain old grey.

    Unless, they do what was done many years back with large black & white photo images of the Weston village community. Those enlargements were impressive, just as they were with the Hurricane Hazel historic journal “monument” images in Weston Lions Park near the walking bridge.

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