Westonians oppose genetically modified alfalfa

Mike Sullivan presented an odd petition in the House of Parliament this week. Apparently, many Westonians oppose genetically  engineered alfalfa.

Unwanted contamination from genetically engineered alfalfa is inevitable, especially because alfalfa is pollinated by bees. …

Organic farming prohibits the use of genetic engineering, and the organic sector in Canada depends on alfalfa as a high-protein feed for dairy cattle and other livestock and as an important soil builder. They call upon Parliament—
And, at this point, Sullivan got cut off by the Speaker for breaking the rules against reading from the petition.

More significantly, Sullivan also spoke out against Bill S-7, the anti-terrorism bill that passed this week with the support of the Conservatives and Liberals. He used the hypothetical story of “Uncle Albert”, imprisoned for 12 months in Saskatchewan for not knowing the whereabouts of his nephew.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.