Weston’s Beer Store open on Labour Day

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Just in case you find yourself running out of beer on Labour Day, the Beer Store at Weston Road and the 401 will be open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. next Monday. Our local branch of the privately run (and exclusive) purveyor of 12 and 24 packs of beer will be one of 63 in Ontario and 10 in Toronto to stay open on the public holiday.

Apparently this is the Beer Store upping its game in response to consumer demand. Readers; please feel free to suggest other ways in which the Beer Store can improve its service.

3 thoughts on “Weston’s Beer Store open on Labour Day”

  1. never had an issue…you go in, buy beer and leave…not sure what the issue is…..I guess folks don’t have enough to worry about, so they complain about the beer store.

  2. Is that fear that I smell from The Beer Store? It’s had long enough to figure this out for itself. It’d be nice if they would just compete, let the chips falls where they may, and cut out the insistence that they’re the only ones who should do what they do.

    You could argue that there are only more hours because of the threat of competition. Regardless, it’s good for consumers.

  3. What I value from the “Beer Store”..

    Awareness & decent variety.

    The opportunity to search their web pages – with a chance to become more aware of the different product available in the market place, that may just provide better quality & value compared to the “same old-same old” brews from the multi-nationals that have completely swallowed up all our large nationals and now, many craft brewers worth investing in or owning.

    Plus, I like the posted “weekly deals” that the other retailers – including the LCBO – can’t or won’t offer us.

    No extra value offered when making a large purchase of a favourite from other providers.

    With the Beer Store there’s always a chance at a bigger, better bang for your buck when making a volume purchase.

    I can’t imagine a corner or grocery store being able to provide a valuable, practical web service. And, which is supported by a great recycling program, often noted as second to none.

    Too bad it’s owned by internationals.
    (But, that’s the way of the world – the global village that we live in, isn’t it.)

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