Weston’s best restaurant in the G&M

Comal y Canela is in the Globe and Mail.

When Ms. De Leon was five, without warning, they left in the middle of the night. While hiking over the border into California, a member of their migrant group was shot and killed by a “coyote” (smuggler).

“It was so cold that they covered me with the dead man’s jacket.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Weston’s best restaurant in the G&M”

  1. We have to find them a bigger space in the ‘hood!! I have yet to visit because it’s always busy…

    1. Lol…the hood??? I hope your joking cause no one calls it the hood…next time wait in line eventually they will serve you.

        1. why ? let the folks judge….did I say something wrong?
          I don’t call Weston the “hood”…thats rude.

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