Weston’s Second Annual Buskerfest – A review

The Weston Village BIA certainly outdid themselves by putting together an incredible Buskerfest 2018.  The event was slated to be a one-time event to celebrate Canada 150, but since it was so well received it is now likely to become an annual event.

Attendees to this years’ event were amazed by a bevy of incredibly talented performers.   As the decadent sounds of pan drums danced through the air, performers captivated onlookers.  Amongst them was a world-renowned fire performer, a Mime and of course Silver Elvis  (photo posted by Roy).

The event was well organized and lots of fun!  It took place Weston Road north and south of Lawrence Avenue from 2 PM – 6 PM on Saturday.

If you missed this year’s event, not to worry, we are hopeful that the Weston Village BIA will host another one next summer.

7 thoughts on “Weston’s Second Annual Buskerfest – A review”

  1. Lovely event indeed! Well done BIA. How cool is the diverse background of the photo. The kind of diversity you don’t see in Queen West, King West, Roncescalles, High Park/Bloor West. Thankful not to live in any of those places!

    1. I was being sarcastic. One of Weston’s biggest problem IS diversity. All those other (rich) areas mentioned are predominantly one thing more than another. And that “one thing” embraces Western values or culture. Not Weston though.

  2. Hooray for Weston and the Little Ave park is decked out for Arts in the Parks night, for a second year!

    We have lots to celebrate her.

    1. Which is just a few nights away! Okay, maybe a little more than a few nights. I believe Arts in the Parks in on August 16. 🙂

  3. It was great – however it could have been better. The BIA’s insistence to only accept corporate/business donations is foolish. The street should’ve been closed from Lawrence to King, more vendors, activities.

    A stage area would’ve been good rather than having the musicians move around. Arts and culture is alive and thriving in Weston, we need to do better.

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