What a bunch of heroes

Your correspondent has failed. Twice. First, he forgot to remind you of the community cleanup that Ryan Demchuk organized. Then he forgot to go.

Happily, nine capeless heroes did show up and spread out across the village cleaning parks and public spaces. I caught up with Noble, Quinn, and Sebastian Viana at Elm Park. They were quietly plugging away, making the space safe and clean for many (and my) little monkeys.

The cleanup continues. Today the grime fighters will be meeting at the Denison Park playground area and cleaning up Denison Park, Hickory Tree Rd. ravine areas, and other key areas South of Lawrence.

Next Saturday at 9:30, they will be meeting at the top of the stairs at 2160 Weston Road (above Cruickshank Park), and cleaning Cruickshank Park, Holley Park, and a few other areas on the west side of Weston

On Sunday, April 28, they–WE!–will be meeting at the Weston Lions  parking lot, and tackling Weston Lions Park.

You can join the Weston Clean Team on Facebook.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “What a bunch of heroes”

  1. The intrepid garbage warriors were out in force at Denison Park and Playground this morning.

    I have to note that – and I think they would agree – they didn’t find much garbage because of our mysterious morning garbage warrior, Hans and his dog Bodhi , who faithfully pick up the garbage EVERY MORNING rain or shine, before most of us have finished our morning coffee! Thanks Hans! (Who will be mortified if he ever discovers that I’ve ‘outed’ him!)

  2. We did. Find plastic and weed bags but we try to keep the park clean… But you should see how clean it is under the bridge on Denison rd. We got a ton of garbage out of there!!! Adam we have a garbage bag with your name on it!!! 😉
    Thanks to all that did show up to make a difference…

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