What do we want?

Last week, I made a case that we should have a commercial relationship with all the new builders in Weston. They want to break the planning guidelines. I think they should pay to do so.

I also asked how you thought the (as-yet-imaginary) money should be spent. 59 people responded. Thank you! Here are the results. (They don’t add up to 59 because people could vote for more than one option.)

Many people noted that the new-new Farmers’ Market isn’t looking good and asked for a new-new-new one. That wasn’t the most popular option though: the most people voted for a YMCA-style space. I too think that would be just fantastic. Tied for third were a recreation space for young people and a scholarship fund. Damned fine ideas, if I do say so myself.

Peering into the data, I think we could safely say that a YMCA-style space would be just super, because it could provide all of the top options, as well as a few of the less popular ones:

  • Programming for youth
  • A stuff-bank for tools, food, clothing, and computers
  • Another, closer, and perhaps less popular gym
  • Perhaps even a community daycare, which we have been missing for six years



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “What do we want?”

  1. Great survey and we need that space for young people and all people.

    Sitting in traffic on Lawrence west of Weston Rd, I was surrounded already by tall apartment towers. How is it possible that City Planners can think we need more looming buildings? And even the 30-storey building on John St is more set back and shorter, close to the street.

    Come and look at Weston instead of listening to the developers’ dreams of big profits. The only way to have liveable neighbourhoods is to have liveable, walkable streets, and facilities like the Y and a grocery store will help too.

    1. City planners did not say we need more towers. Weston had a master plan, but lack of leadership has been the bigger problem.
      The BIA and the Weston Resident Group thought it was best that we need more towers and look whats happening.
      most people voted for a YMCA-style space….we had a chance and we blew it by asking for artscape…a facility that has done nothing for us….there is still a chance to get a YMCA perhaps at the corner of Weston and Lawrence, but what do I know….

    2. Sitting in traffic you had the genius thought that why should these tower people be able to live here. I’m trying drive my rolling living room through this neighborhood, how dare they live here.

  2. A YMCA gym would be amazing.
    Frankly, it is ridiculous how neglected western Toronto is (compared to YMCA deployment in other massive Canadian cities), with zero in Etobicoke. YSW residents closest current options are the West End Y (Dovercourt and College), the Mississauga Square One Y, or the Brampton Y.
    There were plans to build a new Y within the Six Points redevelopment (Kipling-Dundas/Bloor), but not sure where things stand as I believe they are building some sort of city facility. The NW communities of Toronto would definitely benefit from having Y access – sad that seemingly no one champions such an initiative.

    1. A few years back, this “New Y’s” portion of their website included the Six Points interchange I mentioned.
      As it has been removed, I think it is fair to say the idea is completely abandoned. Sad that there is absolutely nothing being considered for NW Toronto, though not too surprising given this is the turf that (chuckle) respects the taxpayer.

  3. What do we want?

    Great valid question – and as with other comments seen on this blog site the varied concerns & responses show how fragmented this village is and has become over the years.

    And frankly, maybe it’s always been like that – since the time the area was first settled in the late 1700s.

    Not surprising.

    But, perhaps a little disappointing because generally, the community is at odds and often seems like it’s not rowing in the same beneficial direction.


    Anyway, following that community meeting at WCI in late November, I found myself in conversation with a neighbour who mentioned the search that’s begun seeking a small to medium sized green grocer to settle into one of main street’s vacancies.

    The neighbour is a successful business man with a strong background in Marketing. And, he’s always quite positive & optimistic about this search for a decent green grocer – siting good response & feedback on local Facebook sites.

    Which Facebook sites?

    And, how many different web sites & blog pages are there serving the issues and concerns of Weston area???

    Well, here’s some of what I found:

    1). “WestonWeb” – naturally, beginning with this one – Adam & Roy’s collective efforts.

    2). “Weston News” – a Facebook site linked to the WestonWeb.

    3). “Weston, Toronto” – a Wikipedia page.

    4). “Weston Historical Society” – a Facebook site.

    5). “Weston Village BIA” – a Facebook site.

    6). “Welcome to Weston” (Weston Village Residents Association) – website.

    7). “Weston Collegiate” – a Facebook site.

    8). “Weston King Neighbourhood Centre” – a Facebook site.

    9). “Weston News and Views” – a Facebook site.

    10). “Weston Village Neighbourhood Watch” – a Facebook site.

    11). “Weston Frontlines Centre” – a Facebook site.

    12). “Weston Dodgers Minor Hockey League” – a Facebook site.

    13). “Frances Nunziata/Ward 5” – a Facebook site.

    14). “Squibb’s Books & Stationery” – a Facebook site.

    15). “Weston Village Neighbours” – a private Facebook site.

    16). “Weston Chat” – another private Facebook site.

    17). “The Community Place Hub” – a Facebook site.

    18). “Mount Dennis Neighbourhood Centre” – a Facebook site.

    19). “York West Active Living Centre” – website.

    20). “Urban Arts/Community Arts Council” – website.

    21). “Toronto Police Services” (12 Division) – website.

    22). numerous politico & activist twitter accounts – Chiara Padovani, Riley Peterson, etc.

    23). “Danny B” – Blues musician’s website & Facebook sites. Including a tribute to his late parents’ eatery called the Weston Coffee Shop – formerly on the corner of Weston Road & Little Ave – serving up good home cooking on that corner for about 4 decades.

    Check out his charming acoustic blues song dedicated to his family’s diner, the “Weston Coffee Shop”.

    It’s on YouTube – musically, a nice slice of life from days gone by in Weston, with photos, too.

    So, there you go. Some of what I discovered – and there’s probably a whole lot more.

    So many web sites, blog pages and disparate interests, issues & concerns in the Weston area. Pretty fragmented, eh?

    Obviously, looks like the healing will take time.

  4. Oh, and..

    “Merry Christmas to all.
    And, to all a good night.”

    All the best in the New Year & decade, Weston.


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