WHCD needs your help

This is an open letter to the residents of Weston Village. The Weston Heritage Conservation District (WHCD) would like to request your assistance with a research project they are conducting.

What began as a series of field trips where residents embarked on WHCD-sponsored field trips to the Toronto Public Archives to research the history of their homes, has since blossomed into an impressive research project with the intention of having the Town of Weston designated as a Heritage Conservation District. To do this, blocks of Weston properties have been divided into three research phases. Phase One is now complete and the WHCD is now concentrating their efforts on Phase 2 of the project.

Toronto Preservation Services, the organization that oversees the establishment of Conservation Districts, requires interested districts to document everything possible about each house, including its architecture and landscaping, and who has lived in it since it was built. As you can imagine, it’s an immense job that is very time-consuming for the WHCD researchers. This is why they need your help.

The survey form that residents are being asked to complete is very detailed, so it may take residents some time to complete. Residents do not have to be absolutely sure about the validity of your information, as it will be verified afterwards, if necessary. This is why it is important for you to include the source of your information. Stories, copies of surveys, photographs, past deeds, plans, etc. would also be greatly appreciated.

Residents can find the survey form on the WHCD website. The form is entitled “Built Form and Landscape Survey Form” and is currently only available in hard copy. Note however, that the WHCD is in the process of creating a secure, online database where residents will be able to create and maintain an editable information sheet for their homes. This database should be operational in April 2013.

Residents who are interested in getting started now with a hard copy can print out the survey, which is available in three formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and HTML. Once completed, residents can either drop it off at 153 King Street in Weston, or call the number below and the WHCD will pick it up. Please note that any information submitted will be held in strictest confidence. To view the WHCD Privacy Policy, please visit the website. There, residents can also obtain a detailed “Guide to Completing the Survey” by clicking the “Forms Help” link on the left sidebar, under the heading “Research”.

By filling out and returning the survey, residents will be making a significant contribution to their community. The WHCD thanks residents in advance for their help.

For more information, please contact:

Cherri Hurst
Research and Volunteer Coordinator
Weston Heritage Conservation District

(I’ll send you her phone number and email if you ask me–Adam)