WHCD Study expansion

The city will be looking at part of Weston to determine whether it has a unique character, and whether is should be recommended for conservation and enhancement. The WHCD will be having a meeting on August 21 to discuss the new areas and next steps.

The effort to create heritage districts in Weston has been going on for quite a long time. It started in 2004, and the first phase was completed in 2007, with the creation of a conservation district in two areas around Weston Road.

Phase Two was to include the area between Rosemount, Pine, Church, and MacDonald.

Now, however, the city has taken over planning of conservation districts, instead of leaving it in the hands of community groups.  The WHCD says that the city is “ready to proceed with the study of the Weston Heritage Conservation District, Phase II, with the intention to go by the old boundary to Elm Street.“¹

Heritage conservation districts are “historically or culturally significant and require special care and attention in the planning process to ensure that they are conserved.”

A heritage designation limits what people can do with their properties.  Construction and restoration must be done with neighbourhood guidelines, and demolition is not allowed under most circumstances—including by neglect.


¹ My emphasis. Also, full disclosure, I live just past Elm Street.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

12 thoughts on “WHCD Study expansion”

    1. Resistance everywhere, and the process is complicated, long and volunteer-dependent. It’s up to us.

      1. I see same names of volunteers on lists of groups…maybe time to get rid if the old and in with the new?

        1. The ‘new’ are welcome to join anytime. It’s not an exclusive club you know. They are always looking for new volunteers to help out.

    2. Quite ridiculous organization of backward thinkers. Let there be mass construction and renovation in Weston! That’s the way to increase property value, and land value. New homes, higher property taxes, weed out the riff raff. Can you believe one of those ******* from the WHCD came up to me asking if she could choose the material colours and shape of front facelift I was giving me home?? Entitled-much?

      1. No Matt, I do not believe anyone asked you that question. That’s not what this is about nor is it about a group controlling what you do to your home. I’d suggest you contact the WHCD and talk to them so that you have a clear view of the process and the positives of being part of a conservation district.

          1. Then I challenge you to join the group Annoymous2. You can be the start of the ‘new blood’ in the WHCD.

  1. Nope….I challenge you to join and get rid of the old…then maybe you will see others join…

    1. I’m already involved….not a member but I help out when I can.
      Come on Annoymous2….at least come out to the meeting and hear what’s happening. Then you can make an honest educated decision on whether you want to join…..to be the ‘new blood’.

      1. Enlighten me on how WHCD has absolutely no bearing on “controlling what you do to your home”?? Maybe you’re mis-using the word “control”, but the group definitely further limits what you can do to your home/property. These limitations are added on top of the sometimes already restrictions the City imposes.

        I still stand by the need to increase construction and renovations of all kinds in Weston as a way to increase value and “gentrify” — a gentrification that almost always moves the poor and crime away from the area

        1. Matt, I’m not going to use this forum to discuss this with you. I really suggest that you come out to the meeting and hear what’s happening…..what the plans are straight from people involved. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns.
          If you can’t make it then get in contact with Preservation Services who has taken over the planning of conservation districts. I’m sure they would be happy to discuss everything you ever wanted to know. Cheers…

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