WHCD wins Trillium award

The Weston Heritage Conservation District group won a large grant from the Trillium Foundation earlier this year. The grant is for $50,000, and will allow the WHCD to do more research about the architecture and heritage of Weston and to progress with the second phase of their heritage plan.

The  group was able to get the westernmost part of Weston declared a conservation district in 2007, a designation that protects the properties and character of the area. It means, among other things, that new buildings should look similar to older ones and blend in according to architectural recommendations  laid out in a series of public documents.

The Trillium money will be spent “researching all of the houses within the phase 2 boundaries, creating files for each house regarding their style, age and other attributes, like who has owned it over its life span—that can be interesting if it is found that it was someone special or of particular note”, according to Suri Weinberg-Linsky. The new area is much larger than phase 1 and will take years to research. Phase two will be between MacDonald and Church and between Rosemount and Pine.

Weinberg-Linsky was grateful for the money; she said, “We are very lucky in that people believe in the District and have participated in our efforts!”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.