Where is the art in Weston?

The headline is a trick question. There isn’t any.

The city does an amazing job of putting data online. This week, they released a map of all the public art.

And it shows exactly what you’d expect: the wealthy core has lots of art. The poorer corners, including Weston and Mount Dennis, have almost none.

The map shows only one piece in Weston: the Little Avenue cenotaph, dedicated in 1950. Mount Dennis has only one, as well: Nyctophilia.

Make of this what you will.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Where is the art in Weston?”

  1. I think I know what you’re suggesting off the top here. And fair enough, given some of the fine examples of interesting wall murals under some of our area bridges.

    Plus, too bad about that beautifully documented, current events monument in Lions Park, about the “Hurricane Hazel” disaster. Now, weatherbeaten to death, ironically.

    If you saw it in it’s early days, you were lucky see. Very nicely done, and a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

    But for now, “The Cenotaph” in Little Memorial Park still endures for the time being, even though not often appreciated for being, “Architectural Art”.

    It’s one fine example of creative stone work in the Toronto area, and right here in the heart of this old village. Pretty good & significant despite the sad imagery drummed up, annually.

    But, it’s not alone – with many other good examples dotting that map of old communities around the city.

    Which now brings me to “”Nyctophilia”, in Mount Dennis.

    Okay, sure.

    But, who knew that it was NOT that unique in Toronto???

    And, that there’s a pretender – on Front Street East, near Tannery Road!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the “Public Art” map.

    And, if I remember it’ll be a good source for one of those “tourist in your own city” tours, one of these days. Adding to those inadvertent sightings already had here, there & everywhere.

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