Who would you vote for?

I think that York South—Weston will have a tight race to the finish. Mark DeMontis is the first PC candidate to actually campaign, and he’s a hometown boy. Laura Albanese is a strong incumbent with a distinguished record, but she’s part of a brutally unpopular party. Faisal Hassan is supported by a surging NDP, and is in a left-leaning riding, but my hunch is that he’s not well known.

So, I propose we try a little bit of unscientific surveying. If the vote were today, who would you vote for?

Please, feel free to share this survey with your friends and enemies–but don’t fill it in more than once. Why ruin the fun for everyone?

Update: We can’t have nice things.

I’ll post the results in a week or so.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.