Why I’ll vote for Ferreira

I really like the Provincial Liberals, and I really like Dalton McGuinty: Ontario has done very well while much of North America has wilted; our public schools are prospering; we have forward-thinking policies about the green power and green space. Yes, the Liberals tried to ram the ARL through our neighbourhood, but, on balance, I think they have been very good for Ontario.

But I’m voting NDP. I’m voting for Paul Ferreira.

It’s not because I like the NDP. I think many of their policies are populist nonsense—and sometimes worse than nonsense. Gas taxes shouldn’t be lower; they should be higher. The planet is warming. Hydro bills shouldn’t be lower; they should be higher until we make a transition to low-carbon generation. Public sector CEO salaries should’t be capped; meddling in the wage market is a bad idea. I could go on.

I still think Paul Ferreira is probably the best person for the job.

When I call Paul Ferreira, he calls me back. When I send him an email, he sends one back. Himself. Usually within minutes. It might be because I write WestonWeb, and it might be that he treats others differently, but I doubt it.

Our politicians must be willing to engage. I don’t want my MPP to agree with me every time; I want her to listen to me. I want her to lead based on the best interests of our community and to do the right thing. Paul Ferreira, though I am sure I will often disagree with him, will engage with his constituents. I admire that.

Paul Ferreira also shows up. Albanese skipped a very important debate only two days before the election. This is shocking. Debates are where candidates’ ideas are presented and tested. Albanese was unwilling to discuss and test her ideas in the most public forum of the whole campaign. This is unacceptable.

Guy Bethell, her campaign manager, said that Albanese skipped the debate because Ferreira didn’t debate in good faith at the LEF. Indeed, that debate was ugly. The divisiveness and rancour was deplorable—and I was there: Albanese’s camp was at least as responsible as Ferreira’s.

Instead of skipping out, though, Albanese should have attended and taken the high ground. She should have shown leadership and character—the qualities she wants to be hired for.

There is a reason to not vote for Ferreira: if, as seems likely, the NDP doesn’t win the election, our MPP will have a less significant voice in the House. Albanese, however, had a voice and had the ear of the ruling party, but she couldn’t use it to get things done. Even her political opponents were sympathetic. Cheri DiNovo, a prominent NDPer, said,

“I have to say that if the McGuinty government really valued the seats in York South–Weston and Davenport enough, if they really valued their members from those ridings, then they would also step up and make these promises.”

Frank Klees, a Conservative, said of Albanese,

“The honourable member is not supported by her government. She is not supported by the Minister of Transportation. She is not supported by her colleagues.”

Faced, then, with a choice between a party and a person, I will be voting for the person: Paul Ferreira.





Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Why I’ll vote for Ferreira”

  1. Adam, you are too kind about what happened at the LEF debate! The Liberals stacked the room, at least 3 or 4 to each of Paul’s supporters. Including a whole bunch of Judy Sgro people. Her people were loud and pretty boisterous during the whole debate. Paul’s clapped loudly for him as well when warranted. The debate was a the most democratic one that I have been to. Raffle tickets were given to those who wanted to ask a question. Albanese’s campaign manager, claiming that it was partisan, must know something that the organizers don’t then — how do you pull only Paul supporter’s tickets and not Laura’s? If the tickets are pulled randomly, is it not luck of the draw? If her people wanted to ask questions, they should have taken a ticket. This Guy person was a bully the whole night, pacing back and forth and then demanding recourse or he would yank the candidate from the debate! Methinks he doth protest too much! IT’S CALLED A DEBATE NOT A TEA PARTY!!! Laura’s husband was physically escorted from the room. Nobody else. Frances Nunziata, upon hearing Paul’s response to a question, started calling him ‘liar’ and causing a disruption. Nobody from Paul’s camp was rude like her people were from what I could see or hear.

    Guy needs to shake his head and stop deluding himself in thinking that their side had no part in the evening. Same with one at Chaminade where Laura’s daughter was asked not once, not twice but three times to stop photographing people. She is the reason why it degraded from there. And they did not say that Alex, Paul’s campaign manager could not ask a question — it’s called a democracy. And they have not shown at the most important one: Rogers 10. Where she could have reached thousands of constituents watching and who had really good questions.

    Paul is the best person for our community and did have a voice at QP back in 2007 when he was there. He will again.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Adam, Paul is the best choice for the job of representing the Weston community and York South Weston. Albanese never really tried to fight for the community against the ARL or the GO expansion’s use of diesel trains, she abandoned the community and set it adrift in a sea of diesel soot, threw up her arms and joined Diesel Dalton in extolling the virtues of over 400 hundred diesel trains taking millions of non-existent cars off of the local roads. If the Liberals win tonight in 10 years we will have even more cars on the road and we’ll have much more diesel pollution in our lungs and the lungs of our kids. I hope the best person gets elected tonight and that Paul gets a chance to speak up in the Provincial legislature on our behalf against the insanity that the provincial government has so far tried to shove down our throats and into our lungs.

    I hope Paul’s voice is heard again at Queens Park as our MPP.

  3. io have been working with election for the past 10 years and was wondering if i write something about voting if you would ion clued it in your weekly website

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