Will Weston become a food desert?


The Greenland Food Market property has been sold and the business was recently put up for sale. What will become of food shopping in the walkable areas of Weston? The GF supermarket building is large – it once housed a Loblaws and has an excellent selection of produce and ethnic foods and spices. It serves hundreds of people within walking distance. The next nearest supermarket is the Loblaws Superstore at Weston and the 401 which is a considerable way when carrying groceries. The term ‘food desert‘ has been applied to areas in the U.S. where there is a lack of a healthy variety and selection of food. Weston may be in grave danger of becoming a food desert when Greenland Farm closes.

Greenland Farms produce section (file).

The GF site owner and developer has shown some attractive artist renderings indicating that a food retailer may be occupying the ground floor of the proposed high-rise. The bottom line is that the attractive drawings are done purely to attract support for the project. The actual building may be completely different. Without a legal requirement, the developer has neither wish nor obligation to specify the businesses that may lease space in their building.

Let’s hope that our councillor is working to ensure that vibrant and varied food sources are available in the densely populated parts of Weston and Mount Dennis.

2 thoughts on “Will Weston become a food desert?”

  1. As well as like many properties that have closed in mount dennis and Weston , it may sit there abandoned for years to come. Very sad. I would have to disagree with you on some key points though Roy. I like that they sell alot of different ethnic foods however I find that their meats and fruits were not always so fresh. And sometimes their fruits were actually quite expensive. Lately believe it or not I find the superstore at 401 and Weston cheaper to shop in then Greenland farms.

  2. The people who rely on Greenland Farms are those who walk to shop, the many many people without cars in the area. They are the ones whose options will become a bus trip to the Superstore or No Frills, and that means bus fares and waits and the need to shop less frequently and carry more. Seniors and lower income penalized. Again, as with the closure of the grocery store on Weston for the UP parking lot.

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