Woman murdered

A 66-year-old woman was murdered last evening at 1765 Weston Road. She was found with serious injuries in an apartment on the upper floor. She was later pronounced dead in hospital.

A man fled the scene. At around midnight, he was captured near Peter and Queen St West.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Woman murdered”

  1. There were at least 15 police cruisers and an ambulance at the apartment building around 9:00, and it’s adjacent to the developers’ plan for another tower bock. Bleak, desolate and dangerous strip of Weston Rd needs street-friendly places where people can know each other and feel safe, not isolated.

    1. Please, more villification of people who live in apartments and condos. That is the solution… Because nothing ever happens to people who live in houses.

      Let’s be honest, you have never stepped out of your car on Weston road. You just drive through.

      1. True, not a totally fair assumption “vilifying” life around high rises and the subsequent problems nearest those clusters.

        But, an “observation” that can’t often be helped – where those on the wrong side of lawful behaviour hide & blend into these clusters of multi-dwelling buildings that become the city’s crime scenes.

        And, where better to evade arrest or other “gangsta” rivals, for at least a short while.

        These “observations” come almost daily through our news gathering sources – and it’s happening all around the GTA where quite often there are coincidently, many high density high rise developments nearest the crime scenes.

        Vilify, maybe.

        But, let’s face it, these lethal jerks may be “gangsters” but they’re clearly not absolutely and entirely stupid.

        They’ve learned some street wise lessons in the classrooms within the grittier “school of hard knocks” – learning their version of survival & self-preservation, as misguided as it may be during their short life spans.

        And yes, it sucks to have to be this blunt & generic about these incidents that seem now to happen everywhere we turn – and not just high density Weston which encircles the relatively safer “gated inner fortress” of this old town.

  2. When they redevelop 1821 Weston RD, they should convert the bottom floor, which is now used by Bethel Apostolic Church, to a Retro Cinema
    It was a cinema year’s back and is still laid out that way.

    1. Why a theatre? So the people who just have nastalgia can walk by and feel good about themselves?

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