Wow, what a storm!

You’ll all have your own stories to tell, and I hope you will in the comments. For us, it was uneventful: Our basement floor will need to replacing, but, on the other hand, the kids had a blast kayaking. In our backyard.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Wow, what a storm!”

  1. Never underestimate the glories of a house built on sand, and a slope, and our power didn’t come back until 6:00 this morning. What a great view of the children’s delight!Report

  2. Our basement was flooded first time since the house was bulid in 50 years. Me and my mom both busted our backs getting the carpets out. Then I heard that Rob Ford was riding out the storm in his SUV A/C cranked up! City’s sewers is terrible!Report

  3. Power was down in Lexington on the Green towns from about 6-10:30pm.
    Does anyone know what was on fire last night about 9:30? We could see huge smoke on Lawrence. I could tell it was west of Leisureworld but not sure where. Maybe at the construction on the tracks? Maybe something at a transformer?
    We heard EMS sirens going non-stop from about 8pm on.Report

  4. the building on the north east corner has a huge burn mark on it. so sad. probably from candles.

    i went to the weston lions playground the splash pad was flooded and the river was running over onto the bike trail… very quickly rushing water…

    and just had another power outage… its only been a day but i think we’re all eager to get back to normal. what a messReport

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