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If you’d like to write for this site, let me know. I don’t make any money from it, so I can’t pay you, but I’d love to have someone just like you. I’m an English teacher by day, so don’t worry about the copy; I can fix it.

Email: adam(at)westonweb(dot)ca or call me: (647) 918-5658.

8 thoughts on “Write for Weston!”

  1. I’d love to contribute. Let me know how. I live on the other side of the river (Tilden Crescent) but cross over to the Weston side frequently;-)
    I am a photographer and specialize in landscapes (Raymore Park is a favourite place) and my writing ability is pretty good too.

  2. It was recently reported that our power needs had been surpassed and that we were selling surplus power.That
    was good to hear because consumer costs for power could
    be considerably reduced. But were they? Of course not.
    I t appears that the hydro companies are responsible to no other than themselves and can do as they please.
    Ergo, consumer prices go up instead of down.
    Does anyone out there agree with me?

  3. Hi there,

    I am a Dental Hygienist and have been a part of the field of Dentistry for over seventeen years. I have just opened my Dental Hygiene Clinic in Weston Village and would love to be able to write informative pieces about Dental Hygiene and Dentistry in general.

    I could answer questions or write a short info bit every week.

    Let me know if this is possible and how we can make it happen.

    Thanks so much.

    Amina Zaidi RRDH
    Mosaic Dental Clinic
    203-2100 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto, ON
    416 243 6444

  4. I was at a recent meeting regarding the City’s focus on the Weston/Mount Dennis area for improvements over the next year.

    I volunteer for a non-profit organization called ACORN that has a lot of members in Weston and we are gearing up to voice their opinion/preferences for improvements in the community.

    We welcome your opinion/ideas and those of your writers/readers about what the City should be focusing on to make the Weston/Mount Dennis area a better place to live and work in.

  5. I was born(1961) and raised on Leggett Ave and played all my minor hockey at Weston Arena. My memories are many and fond as hockey laid the foundation for what my life would become.
    I have some old team photos to share if you are interested, funny stuff.
    Let me know,

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