WVRA addresses Greenland Farms development

In a letter to WVRA members, the chair of the organization, Dave Bennett, has made clear the group’s stance on the Greenland Farms development.

Bennett says:

Our hope is that the team presenting this development continues to work with our many local community groups to improve their design so that we can also support the development of 1956 Weston Road.

I read this is as a rejection of the development as it currently is proposed—a rejection in line with those at the community meeting and by the city planner.

In the email to residents, Bennett says, “both owners and renters [are] welcome to join and be represented. And we welcome new Steering Committee members regularly who express an interest in making Weston Village a better place to live, work and play.​”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

16 thoughts on “WVRA addresses Greenland Farms development”

  1. Thanks for the update, Adam.

    It’s not the kind of information freely shared with anyone who’s visited their web site, even just a few moments ago.

    And, I don’t see that “email to residents” that you refer to and quote from, on your web blog or on theirs, the WVRA web site – even though they’ve added something today.

    (Perhaps that email was addressed to you alone, Adam in hopes you’d post & forward to your site’s visitors?)

    Nevertheless, glad to see this letter, dated Jan.8th – at the very least on your site because it’s not evident on theirs.

    And, also noticed said letter from Mr. Bennett was actually addressed to that community reporter at Tor Star, with copy going to Councillor Nunziata.

    This has been a very contentious story – quite polarizing actually, despite the fact that most concerned community members would agree that something “positive” must been done with the very well worn & tired business area of Weston.

    Having said this, it’s still a bit concerning that at times, important information does not trickle down freely to many community members, in general.

    It’s incredibly important and worthy of everyone’s attention in the Weston area – even if you live more than 300 metres from the developer’s site. Sometimes this kind of issue deserves more than just a passing mention on a Councillor’s newsletter, a couple of sign boards at either end of the developer’s property or a resident’s association web site.

    Frankly, if it weren’t for Roy and his commitment to inform and build awareness – because he’s interested and has concerns for our community and this project, and any other that deserves scrutiny around here, in general we’d pretty much be in the dark, it seems.

    So, kudos to you, Roy.

    And, much thanks for beating the bushes, disturbing the growing complacency and kicking at the darkness around this town, even if sometimes it’s not well accepted.

    It’s an important subject that warrants bright lights shining upon it, especially when it seems that some players would prefer to operate without any obvious attention.

    Democracy works best in the light.

    Good job, sir.

    1. I’m pretty sure the WVRA addressed the email to all members, since I had a copy forwarded to me as well as receiving one. I think it is safe to say that the WVRA could do a better job communicating and posting to their website, however.

    2. There are 2 development signs on either end of the properties. You would have seen them if you live here.
      And residents were mailed the invite to the meeting. Along with Nunziata posting it to her newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.
      Trying to say this was a secret is just typical hysteria from people who are anti development.

      1. You’re talking about two different things. The first was a public meeting. The second is a meeting with the members of the WVRA. The second meeting is not public and has not been publicized.

  2. I am fairly new to Weston. And have been reading this site for some time now. I’m confused by how this feed for Weston is seemingly always attacking itself. At first it was great for getting info and such but I have noticed a trend of dualism. Most recently your previous story about the local ratepayers and now this one. I was following the story “wvra in secret meetings” the other day and wanted to read it to my wife later. Later when I looked it up the story had changed. Then I read the comments again and some of the comments I wanted to read to her had dissapeared. My only conclusion is that someone had edited the feed after posting. Not sure why. Now this story about them in a slightly more favorable light. Am I missing something? Why would Weston put stories like this out about themselves? If this is Weston why such a negative narrative? It doesn’t show well for new people coming to Weston.

    1. Several people write for WestonWeb. Roy and I are the main contributors. We have different views and write different stories.

      Regarding the changes–there has been only one: I corrected “ratepayers” to “residents”. The title was not changed, as you can verify by looking (for instance) at Twitter, where the original headline was automatically generated and posted. It’s always said “closed”.

      Regarding the comments: we have a “dinner party” rule, which you can view in the sidebar. Comments that would not be appropriate at a dinner party at my house are not welcome on the site. If they’re rude, personal, libellous, hostile, inflamed, irrational, or so on, we delete them. It’s a long story, but I don’t want WestonWeb to be another dark corner of the internet where people feel unwelcome. Civil discussion and debate is always welcome. Incivility is not.

  3. So this – a poorly written/constructed 3 paragraph letter addressed to a reporter at the local pennysaver (in response to interview request, I’m sure) – is it? And these people, some of whom have major conflicts of interest, speak for Weston ratepayers? Give your head a shake, Adam, if you’re buying this as transparent communication from a group that purports to represent community views at important meetings secret or not. The wvra clearly needs to ramp up its communications game if it is to be taken seriously as a mouthpiece for more than its two or three dozen adherents. Everyone’s fear should be that the developer leverages the association’s “support” to advance their interests in building that monstrosity. Given what I’m seeing I wouldn’t be surprised if wvra is being played for someone else’s benefit.

  4. The WVRA is volunteer run. So those folks all likely have full time jobs and other commitments. Could they do a better job communicating, absolutely. But like any organization there is always room for improvement. If anyone would like to join and offer their time, ideas and skills set, I’m sure they would be welcome. They could probably contact Dave Bennett or any other WVRA member to find out how they can do so.

    1. Then why doesn’t the WVRA engage new members to join?
      Oh wait its the same people on this group on all the other community groups. If you have ever participated, you would know they are cliques and their ideas are best.

    2. re: the WVRA being volunteers
      (full time jobs, commitments and better communication)

      Once again from this perspective (given their latest website posting that’s dated Jan.29th – about important community meetings & event news), I see that as busy as they may be, someone over at the WVRA quickly found a precious moment to post & tell about an historic seminar upcoming about ‘Ambulances’ from days gone by, to be held at the retirement community up on the hill.


      Hey, come to think of it, isn’t that seminar site up on the hill on the other side of the river? That side of Weston that Mr. Murray calls home? And, that evidently excluded him from attending any WVRA meetings worth attending because he wasn’t a resident?

      Odd that.

      Whatever your perspective, as quaint & charming as it may be to tell about Weston’s good old “happy days” – sharing stories & pictures that help illustrate Weston’s important history – I would also hope a the a group like the WVRA would care enough to inform the community it serves about important current events, too.

      Again sadly, not once do I see anywhere on the Weston Village Residence Association’s website, informative news about important current events, except for the Santa parade.

      Selective information.

      You’d think that their raison d’être would also deal with concerns, issues and important current events, openly & fairly for Weston residents to see & ponder, including the current “development” concerns, too.

      But, not so much.

      Ergo, that certain smell that Mr. Murray noticed & referred to in his article.

      Clearly, his observations left a strong impression that there’s a certain lack of transparency surrounding this story – that serves some, but not others. The narrative (or lack of) is questionable and should be challenged, openly & civilly.

      And, isn’t that where a decent community website and a roving reporter like Mr. Murray can help the most – by gathering & sharing information for awareness building?

  5. To Adam
    I may be well into my sixties but my memory is sharp as a tack! The title and body of the story removed “secret ” and it was replaced with “closed” nearly a full day later. Did it offend the ratepayers or was it changed due to a complaint? As for the comments I saw a few that I suppose you must have removed. However I remember distinctly one asking for a retraction and an apology. This is one I wanted to read to my wife. I did not see any foul language or an attack of another commenter. Where the edits made due to a complaint from the ratepayers or is there a retraction story coming soon to explain ?

    1. Hi. What can I say? I think you’re mistaken. The original title did not mention a secret meeting, nor did the body. The title, at least, is provable: you can see the title in the URL and on Twitter.

      I don’t recall the comment you mentioned (we’ve had a lot) and it’s now consigned to the ether, so I couldn’t say why we removed it. It is always possible that we made a mistake.

      We’d certainly issue a retraction or apology if one were warranted. We try to uphold high standards. I don’t see that one is warranted in this case, however. As far as I can tell, the facts are correct and the concerns legitimate. If I’m incorrect, though, your feedback is welcomed.

    2. I see I didn’t reply to your previous question about a “negative narrative”. Sorry. The reason is simple: we try to uphold journalistic standards, so we report the news. We do publish many wonderful things happening in our wonderful town, but we also report news. I think that this is in the long-term interest of the community. Your feedback, though, is welcomed.

  6. To Adam
    I take it then you are Westons editor.
    I know the wife thinks I’m nuts most of the time but I’m sure I’m not wrong about this. Just to make sure I went back and looked through the story again. The comments have changed again. I have asked freinds at the coffee shop what they remembered talking about yesterday,and they agree things have changed as stated. One said he had printed it out and will bring it with him tomorrow.
    Are you the only editor? Could there be some confusion?

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