The Weston Village Residents’ Association would like to invite you, all Weston residents and community leaders, to join us for our online Annual General Meeting on November 8th, 2021. 

You may use the link below to learn more about the event and register. The AGM is an excellent way to find out what’s happened, what will happen, and how you can help shape our community! We look forward to seeing you. 


5 thoughts on “WVRA AGM”

  1. I suspect the shills decrying the WVRA as a closed door club for the councillor (with no black people… apparently) will not be in attendance to air their grievances and allegations… which is probably for the best, as it’s more likely to be a productive meeting that way.

  2. I disagree. Why have questions in a meeting when the WVRA doesn’t like your questions, they shut you out of the meeting in a second. What ever happened to free speech? Not in Weston. They call you a liar and pull your vocal cords out of your throat as you are asking a question. Why would I lie about a town I love and want to protect ***.
    I think that is being a bully.
    Shame on you Frances nunziata and friends

    1. Soda squirt here——I understand you’re upset, but we have dinner-party rules on the site (you can see the comment policy over there somewhere).

      I’ve ***ed out the part of your comment that was over the line. Express your opinions, and express the facts, but don’t stray into unkindness, please and thanks.

  3. I take issue with your comment. In fact I have flagged it for review a few days ago but it has remained.

    This site asks us to play by ‘dinner party rules’. So why is it okay to call out a private citizen by name, spread a rumour about about their personal financial matters, and do it while hiding one’s own identity? I’ve never been to a dinner party and had guests behave like this and certainly not while remaining anonymous. Have you?

    I’ve also noticed the most abrasive comments are often found under articles that have no logical connection to the original story. In what way is that helpful?

    Perhaps this question is best addressed by the moderator of this site. I have been a contributor (writer) for westonweb.ca for the last few years, but am disappointed. Anonymous comments making unfounded assertions or accusations regarding fellow residents…it sounds more like a Molotov cocktail party than a dinner party.

    If this is the dinner party I’ve arrived at, I’ll go home and order pizza.

    This behaviour, and this application of the comments policy, does not reflect the Weston I know. We are better than this.

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